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modenine lyrics

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Modenine (born Babatunde Olusegun Adewale) is one of the most impressive lyricists ever came out from Africa.

A man like Babatunde, ModeNine is considered one of the pioneers of Africa hip hop music and culture for his contributions. He started from the bottom in Okokomaiko an area in the town of Ojo, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, and lived on to become one of the best lyricists Africa has ever known—not to mention he is the most travelled rapper in Nigeria!

ModeNine has won a record seven Lyricist on the Roll awards at The Headies. That makes him the artiste with the most awards in Headies history.

He is the only rapper who didn’t conform to the general rules in the Nigerian music industry (130 bpm type of songs) and he uses all his projects to reiterate his stance and the love for the game.

ModeNine has nine (9) solo studio albums, five (5) five (5) mixtape, extended plays, dozens of singles (including as a featured artist), dozens promotional singles and dozens music videos.

All ModeNine albums (ModeNine albums discography)

1. Malcolm IX
2. Pentium IX
3. Nigel Benn’s Kraftwork
4. E Pluribus Unum
5.09-09-09 the Mixtape
6. Mode Over Premo
7. Paradigm shift
8. Golden Era Guevara New Era Mandela
9. Davinci Mode
10. Pay Attention
11. Alphabetical Order
12. Occupy the Throne
13.30 days of Modenine
14. Above Ground Level
15. Look what I found
16. Insulin
17. Long story short
18. Hence 4th
19. The Monument
20. esoteric Mellow

Mode 9 Quotes about:

  • Rap.
  • People.
  • Hip Hop.
  • Men.
  • Thinking.
  • Battle.
  • Bloggers.
  • Feelings.
  • Fight.
  • Writing.
  • Fake Love.
  • Beef.
  • Police.
  • Politics.
  • Feminist.
  • Travel.
  • Hard work.
  • Story.

Read below all your our favorite similes, metaphors and wordplay from Mode 9.

The Best ModeNine Battle and braggadocio lyrics

1. “Without their fingers in my toilet they feeling my shit.” – ModeNine

2. “I know you feeling edgy cause you rhyme bite, you got the lemon and the torch I got the limelight.” – ModeNine

3. “My appearance at a show got my foes darting cause they make me laugh hard like 30 minutes of Martin.” – ModeNine

4. “I put my heart in the game, blood plus my soul Like a surgical transplant my lyrics and my flow got me more hugs than skilful soccer players scoring goals.” – ModeNine

5. “I’m making more headlines than cornrows and partings, while you be puffing shit gas like greedy people farting.” – ModeNine

6. “I’m hungry like snoop in the deep cover of death row. So I eat rappers like they made of egg rolls.” – ModeNine

7. “Read the sign right before you battle MOD cause when I’m done I’mma sign right on your POP. I’m on TOP, bite me and suffer indigestion” – ModeNine

8. “You are not objective like multiple-choice questions. You buy ass like u patronising hoes I’m killing foes leave ’em fucked up like free shows.” – ModeNine

9. “I’m the head of state here to leave you in a state of shock.” – ModeNine

10. “My manifesto’s first name says I rock” – ModeNine


11. “I treat you like twins in Rivers before Mary Slessor.” – ModeNine

12. “Dissing me will only bring you trouble and seven years of badluck or maybe double” – ModeNine

13. “You see murder me behind bars but I speak just to mock you” – ModeNine

14. “More graphic like I flip your bill” – ModeNine

15. “I’m still ill after gasoline some life-saving tonic you want to battle whom? you must be smoking chronic for coming at me” – ModeNine

16. “Your label hold you up but I deflate you, I’m pop idol only when I shoot what you pray too” – ModeNine

17. “I make you face the feet (defeat) with your face feeding in my timbs (timberland). Lyrics wise am at your funeral smiling singing hymns.” – ModeNine

18. “I gat so many 16’s none of them sweet” – ModeNine

19. “You acting like you get balls like tennis” – ModeNine

20. “I am so underground the devil be like who’s down there?” – ModeNine

21. “Wrestling is fake so I am RAW like no latex” – ModeNine

22. “I leave your black eyes like white bean stop that soft shit like Flagyl and tetracycline” – ModeNine

23. “You’re boring like Big Brother without the shower scenes” – ModeNine

24. “Now, watch me take your spots like pimple cream Block my light beam” – ModeNine

25. “I be the best at, no need confess that I bring the stress black Aiming for your crest, your vest best be where your chest at” – ModeNine

26. “Black angry man with a-list of Lotta rappers who I’ll just have to walk on like Christopher” – ModeNine

27. “For rapping rubbish, I’m wrapping your mouths with barbed wire” – ModeNine

28. “Every time I grab the microphone and make my teeth show It’s excitement like watching sex through a peephole” – ModeNine

29. “You’re the broke rapper, even your mic-checks bounce” – ModeNine

30. “My stomach has a bad sense of humor so I don’t joke with it” – ModeNine

31. “I don’t kid and play When I display, I diss kids You misfits colliding with I, crumble like biscuits” – ModeNine

32. “My album breaks ground like yolk so you whisk it Off the shelf. You need space? I throw your diskette And save the hard drive for your chick With too much lipstick!” – ModeNine

33. “To break your back, I shit on Bad Boys like 2Pac” – ModeNine

34. “Hip hop is dying slowly watch me revive it Bring forth the Holocaust, few will survive it” – ModeNine

35. “I’ma kill you like a fucking roach if you approach I squash your puny frame with a high kick” – ModeNine

36. “The nature of my victory is cyclic; Perfect; and never once was it pyrrhic!” – ModeNine

37. “When you run, you’re like the flu in winter, I catch you (Aaatsu!)” – ModeNine

38. “I don’t drive by I walk on crews with my Sketchers Crosshatcher ’cause you’re always acting shady Soup like gravy – I’ll scar you like seals without the Navy” – ModeNine

39. “If your life was a play, then I’m bored to the gut Jumped on stage, possessed the director and screamed cut ‘Cause you specialize in kissing batty man butt” – ModeNine

40. “It’s a wrap, folks, like the mummy of King Tut!” – ModeNine

41. “If I was married to your mom you still won’t stepson” – ModeNine

42. “Diss me on a track and get run over by a train I am of the chain-like runaway black slave” – ModeNine

43. “I wordplay scoring with an old baller daughter. Sea walking don’t impress me unless it’s done on water” – ModeNine

44. “You ain’t serving no one like an armless waiter” – ModeNine

45. “You may be acting masculine but everybody knows you are a gay” – ModeNine

46. “You are a chicken yesterday now you are screaming for underlay” – ModeNine

47. “You’re not hard you’re softer than tomato perry, that’s why I’m throwing up on you guys like I drank the brewery” – ModeNine

48. “Your freestyle sound floppy, plus it was written like the bootleg copy, you to me, is floppy compared to hard drive” – ModeNine

49. “I serve you with the oldest rhyme in my archive, I spit sharp knives ish razor blades” – ModeNine

50. “I’m too (2) ill like Siamese twins with aids, you say f9 you’re only calling out your grades” – ModeNine

51. “I got straight A’s give or take I’m the smartest, bomb ish like an Al-Qaeda graffiti artist” – ModeNine

52. “my style is like hellfire no one wants to go there” – ModeNine

53. “You worship my work like hagus the idol carvers, afro hip-hop, please go see the barbers (babas)” – ModeNine

54. “I’m killing all, you metaphor fathers” – ModeNine

55. “like newscasters I read my verse when I voice, heads rejoice, cos my joints are never decoist, I hoist my status, your ball, I’m stealing” – ModeNine
56. “I got a feeling like my clock is on the ceiling, I guess my time is up peace out I’m leaving” – ModeNine
57. “I leave rapper skinny bad like Michael Jackson fans”– ModeNine

58. “I sell joy, keep pain for free” – ModeNine
59. “Your chick is nothing but a whore to me” – ModeNine
60. “Why should you be bothered about the colour of my skin when you are black too” – ModeNine
61. “Your best rapper ills with the weak mind he pleases” – ModeNine
62. “bling bling bubble gum rap I don’t feel that soundcards high but I swear the shit still wack” – ModeNine
63. “His hypeman is like a dry river, he don’t flow” – ModeNine

64. “I lay more tracks like Chinese construction workers” – ModeNine
65. “One female emcee says she nice of the head but she will only serve me when it’s breakfast in bed”

66. “When you acting like you had a stiff neck don’t look in my way” – ModeNine
67. “I fly as f*uck but always put my fit down” – ModeNine
68. “this baba that baba, u not the father, u got intellect myopia so when i-diss-a-baba (AdisAbaba), It’s not Ethiopia!” – ModeNine
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