VIDEO: Man ‘turned into a Dog’ During Deliverance Session At TB Joshua’s Church


A video uploaded by TB Joshua’s official YouTube
channel Emmanuel TV purportedly shows a young man
transforming into a ‘dog’ during a deliverance session.
He started acting strangely even to the extent of eating
one of his shoes. According to the video description:
“The demon within this young Liberian man is
shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features
contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie
sounds of a wild dog.

The ‘delivered man introduced himself as Alexander
Johnson after the prayer and explained that his
problems began after he was sexually molested by a
mad. Johnson his life was characterised by frustration
and a serious ‘lust’ for women. Johnson said he had no
memory of what occurred during the deliverance.
“There is no way I could have done these things,” he
claims, insisting it was the influence of an ‘evil spirit’.
He however and added that he was ‘completely free’
after the prayer.
See video below :

Man Turns To DOG, Eats Shoe In CHURCH!!!


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