Fashion Designer, T.I Nathan (@Temitayonathan) Denies Rape Allegation (Pics)

Few hours ago MandyNews reported that lady accuses this fashion designer of raping her friend.

T.I Nathan (@Temitayonathan) has quickly gone on Twitter to debunk claims that he raped the girl.

He wrote: 

“Over an hour ago, I began to recieve several calls and text seeking to draw my attention to the allegations being made on Twitter against my person. Rape is one very sensitive issue that is beginning to occupy the front burner of social discourse online and offline. I am greatly concerned about this allegation, as I would be if this involved my mother, sister and friends. I have read through the thread and the allegations and wish to expressly deny that I raped anyone as alleged or at all.
In light of this, I encourage the ‘whistleblower’ in good conscience to refer this issue to the appropriate government agencies for investigation. I am willing and ready to submit my self to scrutiny in order to clear my name.
T.I Nathan is a growing brand and we’re all aware of the damage that allegations such as this could cause the brand. I have instructed my lawyers to take active steps immediately to see that justice is done in this, without compromising the identity of the alleged rape victim.
I wish to however state for the record that that T.I Nathan has NOT done any female shoot this year. I hope everyone who is following this issue would be circumspect. I believe at the end of this, I will be vindicated.”



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