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Bitcoin Scammer List 2021: How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer



Bitcoin Scammer List 2021: How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, very confusing to new users and lightly regulated — all of which makes them an ideal target for scammers. But with a little bit of know-how and some good old-fashioned common sense, you can do plenty to protect yourself against cryptocurrency scams.

Table of contents

  • How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer
  • Phishing
  • Fake exchanges
  • Old-school scams

How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer

  • They ask your locations first so as to give a different location.
  • They are always in very far places
  • Their rate is always below $1000
  • They always have females as a profile picture.
  • They ask you to send half money, then they’ll send half coins before you send the balance
  • Their website address starts with “HTTP” instead of “HTTPS”
  • They have bad grammar, awkward phrasing or spelling mistakes
  • They promise high returns; you’ll be able to double your investment
  • They don’t show the real people behind the company
  • They don’t display details about where company registration
  • Google their name to find out what others say about them
  • They use fake celebrity endorsements
  • They approach you first
  • They send an unsolicited message


The first one we are going to address on the bitcoin scammer list 2021 is known as phishing, it’s a widely used scam to target banks customers and major companies.

What is a bitcoin phishing scam? 

The bitcoin phishing scam is the type that happens when you receive an unsolicited email that looks as if it’s from your crypto exchange or wallet provider.

The email contains a link that takes you to a site that looks almost the same as the exchange or wallet you usually use but is actually a scam site.

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Immediately you log your account details on the website, the scammer has everything he needs to log in to your real account and steal your bitcoin.

How to avoid bitcoin phishing scam:

  • Double-check the email address
  • Check the website address very well before you click
  • Google the name of the address or email
  • Never disclose your bitcoin private details.

Fake Bitcoin Exchanges

The same way phishing scams is, don’t forget to also stay woke for fake Bitcoin exchanges. These scammers are all over social media. They run advert and marketing like a reputable exchange, but they are deadly bitcoin scammers

Some will pay social media influencers to endorse them so they can entice others that the company is good and legit. They even pull pressure on people to have an account, to the extent of offering “bonuses” to first depositors and depositors with large amounts.

These people are very deadly once they have your money they charge you ridiculously high fees and make it very difficult for you to withdraw money or simply steal your deposit.

How to avoid fake Bitcoin exchanges  scams:

  • Look for well-known and popular exchange companies on the internet.
  • Before you create an account with any company gently research the name of the company.
  • Don’t rush to pay money into the company or provide them with your personal information.
  • Avoid downloading an app for APK — only download apps and software from a legitimate source

Old School Bitcoin Scams

There are multiple scammers using old school scams tricks to swindle senseless consumers.

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One of the well-known examples of this is an unrequested phone call or email from someone pretending to be with the IRS. This fraudster acting like a tax man will try to convince you that you owe the IRS money and you’ll be facing legal action if you don’t transfer them a certain amount of Bitcoin.

How to avoid Old School Bitcoin Scams:

  • Learn to cut off the calls
  • Stay away from unrequested emails
  • Avoid calls from an unknown number

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