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Director K or TG Omori – Who is Truly the Best Music Director in Nigeria?

This article compares two of Nigeria’s top music video directors, Director K and TG Omori, analyzing their styles, accomplishments, and contributions to the Nigerian music industry. The article explores their videography, commercial work, and award-winning achievements to determine who is the best music director in Nigeria.



Director K or TG Omori - Who is Truly the Best Music Director in Nigeria?

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  • Director K and TG Omori are both highly skilled music video directors in Nigeria with impressive portfolios and awards.
  • Director K is known for creating visually stunning videos with strong storytelling, while TG Omori is known for his innovative concepts and unique style.
  • The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and the specific needs of the artist and their music.

The Nigerian music industry has experienced immense growth in recent years, with talented artists producing chart-topping hits and gaining global recognition.

One crucial aspect of this success is the work of music video directors, who create visual masterpieces that complement and elevate the songs.

Among the top music directors in Nigeria are Director K and TG Omori, two creative geniuses who have worked with a plethora of renowned artists.

In this article, we will examine their backgrounds, careers, and accomplishments to determine who holds the title of best music director in Nigeria.

Background: Director K and TG Omori

Aremu Olaiwola Qudus, known professionally as Director K, was born on November 13, 1993, in Lagos State, Nigeria. He chose to pursue a formal education in Creative Arts at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos. Director K began his career in 2015, shooting a music video with an iPhone out of curiosity.

On the other hand, ThankGod Omori Jesam, popularly known as TG Omori or Boy Director, hails from Cross-River State in Nigeria. Growing up in Lagos State from a middle-class background, Omori started directing at the age of 15, overseeing stage plays in his school and church. He took up professional filmmaking at 20 after graduating from PEFTI Film Institute.

Career and Accomplishments

Director K has directed music videos for numerous artists across various genres, including Wizkid, Skepta, Davido, Burna Boy, Teni, and more. He has also worked on commercials for brands such as DStv, Kellogg’s, Havana Club, and Munch iT. Some of his most notable works include “Wonderful” by Burna Boy, “Essence” by Wizkid featuring Tems, and “1 Milli” by Davido, which won Best Music Video at the 2020 The Headies Award.

TG Omori has directed music videos for recording artists such as Olamide, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tekno, Kiss Daniel, Fireboy DML, and Falz. In 2019, he directed around half of the music videos on the summer charts of MTV, Soundcity, and Trace. Some of his most iconic works include “Totori” by Olamide & Wizkid, “Am I a Yahoo Boy” by Naira Marley, and “Odogwu” by Burna Boy.

Awards and Nominations

Director K has been nominated for various awards, including multiple All Africa Music Awards and Afrimma nominations. He won the Best Music Video award for “1 Milli” by Davido at the 2020 The Headies Award and the Outstanding Music Video/Visual Album award for “Essence” by Wizkid featuring Tems at the 2022 NAACP Image Awards.

TG Omori has also received several nominations and awards, such as the Best Music Video Director of the Year at the 2019 City People Entertainment Awards and the Best Music Video Director of the Year at the 2020 AFRIMMA. His work on “Billionaire” by Teni earned him a nomination for Best Music Video at the 2021 The Headies.

Comparative Analysis

In terms of the number of high-profile artists they have worked with, both Director K and TG Omori have an impressive portfolio. However, Director K has a slightly more diverse body of work, having directed commercials in addition to music videos. This experience may give him an edge in terms of industry exposure.

Moreover, both directors have received several awards and nominations, reflecting their expertise and accomplishments. Director K’s win at the 2020 Headies for Best Music Video of the Year for Davido’s “1 Milli” and TG Omori’s win for Best Music Video Director of the Year at the 2019 City People Entertainment Awards, are a testament to their creative genius.

Furthermore, looking at their videography, both directors have worked with top artists in Nigeria and have produced some of the most memorable music videos in recent years. Director K’s portfolio includes popular videos such as “Jealous” by Fireboy DML, “Essence” by Wizkid ft. Tems, and “Running” by Ladipoe ft. Fireboy DML. On the other hand, TG Omori’s portfolio includes hits such as “Soapy” by Naira Marley, “Billionaire” by Teni, and “King” by Fireboy DML and D Smoke.

Director K’s approach to music videos is characterized by his ability to capture raw emotions and tell stories that resonate with the audience. This is evident in the music video for “Essence” by Wizkid ft. Tems, where Director K tells a beautiful love story between two people from different cultures. The video captures the essence of the song and showcases the beautiful scenery of Ghana, where it was shot.

TG Omori, on the other hand, is known for his creativity and ability to turn even the most mundane concepts into visually stunning music videos. For instance, in the music video for “Soapy” by Naira Marley, TG Omori showcases his creativity by turning a prison-themed concept into a visually appealing music video. The video’s choreography and color grading made it a fan favorite, and it quickly became one of the most-watched Nigerian music videos of 2019.

In terms of commercial success, both directors have had an impressive run in the music industry. Director K’s music video for “Essence” by Wizkid ft. Tems became a viral hit, with over 100 million views on YouTube, while TG Omori’s music video for “Soapy” by Naira Marley currently has over 30 million views on YouTube. Both directors have also won several awards for their outstanding work in the music industry.

Verdict: No Best

In conclusion, both Director K and TG Omori are exceptional music directors in Nigeria’s music industry, and their contribution to the growth of the industry cannot be overlooked. They have created some of the most memorable music videos in recent years and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Ultimately, choosing the better music director between the two is subjective, and it depends on personal preference. However, it is clear that both directors are at the top of their game, and their work will continue to inspire and shape the Nigerian music industry for years to come.

However, it is up to the fans and the music industry to decide which director they believe is the best, as both have different styles and approaches to music video directing.

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