Here Are States Won By Joe Biden In US 2020 Election

Joe Biden won in 22 states – including California, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Maryland.
Biden appears close to winning the presidency after taking the lead in Pennsylvania with 99% of votes counted. If he wins Pennsylvania, he wins the presidency.

Here is where Saturday count begins:

In Georgia, Joe Biden leads by 4,395 votes.
In Arizona, Joe Biden leads by 29,861 votes.
In Nevada, Joe Biden leads by 22,657 votes.
In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden leads by 28,833 votes.

Recall Decision Desk HQ had projected that Joe Biden won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes for a total of 273.
Which made him been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.
According to multiple media reports, it is too early to project winner.
Here are the States won by Joe Biden in the US 2020 election

Washington: 2,286,324 votes

Oregon: 1,304,536 votes

California: 8,969,107 votes

Nevada: 632,558 votes (counting)

Arizona: 1,604,067 votes

New Mexico: 496,826 votes

Colorado: 1,753,416 votes

Minnesota: 1,717,830 votes

Wisconsin: 1,630,570 votes

Illinois: 3,056,219 votes

Georgia: 2,456,845 votes (counting)

Virginia: 2,339,558 votes

Pennsylvania: 3,337,069 votes (counting)

New York: 3,694,996 votes

Connecticut: 1,029,132 votes

New Hampshire: 423,291 votes

New Jersey: 2,029,493 votes

Maine: 430,023 votes

Delaware: 295,403 votes

MaryLand: 1,495,874 votes

Massachusetts: 2,316,338 votes

Vermont: 242,805 votes

Presidential results
Candidates Electoral votes Vote % Vote count
Joe Biden
Democratic Party



Donald Trump
Republican Party


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