How Dozens Were killed In ‘Massacre’ In Nigeria’s Oyigbo Community

How Dozens Were killed In ‘Massacre’ In Nigeria’s Oyigbo Community

Investigation reveals how scores of civilians were killed in massacre in Oyigbo community, River state.

It is another case of gross human rights violations.

A Nigerian lady, Queen Nwazuo whose wedding to her fiancé, Monday Bakor, was scheduled for next February and the preparation for the event had long begun. But the rosy future the student of Abia State Polytechnic looked forward to with her lover was truncated by bullets from rampaging troops of the Nigerian Army, who were on a reprisal mission in Oyigbo, Rivers State.

Ms Nwazuo, an orphan, was shot dead on Thursday, October 22, as she and Mr Bakor were trying to lock the latter’s shop at 12B Ehi Street as residents scurried to safety from soldiers who were shooting indiscriminately at unarmed civilians in Oyigbo town

Excellent Moses was, on the evening that the fatal cockktail opened in Oyigbo, standing hundred metres from the Mbano Camp Junction where an armoured combat vehicle of Nigerian soldiers was stationed, powering gunfires to different directions . He was hit by a bullet. Fallen and soaked in blood, Mr. Moses, a young Christian minister, let out a loud painful screech, before some low dying moans.

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