How To Pray With Candles And Water

How To Pray With Candles And Water

If we want to learn how to pray with candles and water, this article will help guide you through.

After we published “How To Pray With Salt and Honey For Financial Favour” we receive a lot of messages asking us to publish: “the best way of praying with Candles and Water and how to pray with Candles and Water”.

It’s really tough when you have to go through difficulties in life alone. Many of us have experienced and still undergoing grief in our lives.

How To Pray With Candles And Water

  • To all those who are affected by too many negativities. 
  • To all those who are demotivated to study or to do their work.
  • To everyone who is going through difficulties in their life.
  • To all those who cant find jobs.
  • To all those who are going through a hard time in every area of their life.

This article is for you and I can assure you that you will get over it after you have learned to pray with candles, water, psalms, and incense.

Many people use some substances during prayer and the most commonly done is a burning candle, salt, and water.

God has used burning candles, salt, water, psalms, and incense during prayer to deliver many people from bondage.


At the beginning of the bible, in Genesis 1:2 water was first mentioned, “The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.” Water is such a vital part of life, it was created on the very first day.


A candle is used in the hope to bring light to a dark situation. The light signifies our prayer, which is offered in faith, entering the light of God.

Here Is The Best Way To Pray with Candles and Water:

  • Pour water into a glass or jar.
  • Add sea salt to the water
  • Go into your room or a private place
  • Light up a candle
  • Sprinkle the saltwater around the place
  • Place your two hands inside the water, and then begin to pray.

Psalms To Pray During Burning Candle, Salt, And Water

  • To Thank the Lord for our Blessings, Psalm 144.
  • To attract friends and family, Psalms 67 & 111.
  • To unify the family, Psalm 97.
  • For a happy relationship or marriage, Psalm 45.
  • For luck in all things, Psalm 4.
  • To attract money, Psalm 119:17-24
  • Success in business, Psalm 108.
  • To improve business, Psalms 8, 37 & 92.
  • Success in all financial matters, Psalm 26.
  • To obtain work or a promotion, Psalm 75.
  • Favorable verdict in court, Psalm 20.
  • For triumph of justice, Psalm 94.
  • Ease the loss of love, Psalm 57.
  • Solace in a time of suffering, Psalm 69.
  • Soothe & quiet the nerves, Psalm 37.
  • When desiring inner peace, John 14, Romans 8.
  • Deliverance from all enemies, Psalm 18.
  • Exorcise demons and evil spirits, Psalms 29 & 68.
  • Keep away evil, Psalms 54 & 64.
  • Protection from enemies and harm, Psalms 1, 64 & 125.
  • Still the voices of rumor, Psalm 12.
  • Suppress evil doers, Psalm 109.
  • When you are sick, in pain, to promote good health, Psalms 6 & 39.
  • When you have experienced severe losses, Psalm 77.
  • When you are in danger, Psalm 91.
  • When in sorrow, Psalm 14.
  • When you have sinned, Psalm 51.
  • If you are discouraged, lonely or fearful, Psalm 23.
  • When you want courage for your task, Joshua 1.
  • When friends seem to go back on you, Matthew 5.
  • When people are jealous of you, Psalm 49.
  • To conquer and triumph over adversity, Psalm 11.
  • When worries oppress you, Psalm 46 & Matthew 6:19-34
  • When leave home for work/travel, Psalms 121 & 107:23-31

As you pray the above verses use a burning candle, salt, and water.



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