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How To Protect Your Finances And Businesses From Witches Attack

Discover how to protect your finances and businesses from witches attack using spiritual tools like bitter Kola and honey, prayer, and vigilance. Boost your business growth and achieve financial well-being by overcoming witchcraft.



How To Protect Your Finances And Businesses From Witches Attack

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  • Bitter Kola and honey mixture can be used to protect finances and businesses from witches attacks, leading to increased sales and overall success.
  • Combining the use of the mixture with prayer and setting clear intentions enhances its effectiveness.
  • Staying vigilant and proactive is crucial in maintaining protection from witches attacks and ensuring continued success.

In today’s world, spirituality and business might seem like an unusual combination.

However, for those who believe in the power of spiritual protection, safeguarding their finances and businesses against witches attack is essential.

This article will guide you through the process of identifying and dealing with witches attack on your financial life and business success.

Identifying Witches Attack in Your Business

Leaking Pockets Syndrome

Leaking pockets syndrome occurs when money seems to vanish without any logical explanation. Despite earning a salary or running a business, the affected person cannot save or account for their expenditures. This unexplained loss of money can be a sign of witches attack.

Hindered Progress

Another indicator of witches attack in your business is the lack of progress, despite putting in hard work and selling quality products. If customers are not patronizing your business, and you are unable to make sales, witches attack might be hindering your progress.

Bitter Kola: A Powerful Spiritual Tool

Preparation and Usage

Bitter Kola, a fruit native to Africa, is known for its spiritual and medicinal properties. When used properly, it can help drive away witches attack from your finances and businesses. To prepare the mixture, blend the bitter Kola fruit (with the peel) and add water. After blending, transfer the mixture to a container and let it ferment for about three to seven days.

Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter Kola can be a powerful ally in your fight against witches attack. By using it in a specific manner, you can cleanse your business environment, protect your finances, and attract more customers to your shop.

Combining Bitter Kola and Honey

Preparing the Mixture

To create a potent spiritual protection solution, combine the fermented bitter Kola mixture with a tablespoon of honey. Mix thoroughly and store it in a container.

Using the Mixture for Spiritual Protection

Sprinkle the bitter Kola and honey mixture around your business environment, on your money, and in your shop. As you do so, pray and set your intentions to remove evil and attract prosperity. This will help to cleanse your business environment and protect it from witches attack.

Taking Action Against Witches Attack

Cleansing Your Business Environment

By using the bitter Kola and honey mixture, you can cleanse your business environment and remove any negative energy that may be hindering your progress. Ensure that you sprinkle the mixture discreetly to avoid drawing unwanted attention. You can also use a spray bottle to make it less noticeable.

Prayer and Intentions

While using the bitter Kola and honey mixture, it’s essential to accompany it with prayer and set clear intentions. Ask for protection from witches attack, and for the removal of any obstacles that may be affecting your finances and business success. Your faith and positive mindset will help enhance the effectiveness of the mixture.

Testimonies and Results

Success Stories

Many people who have used the bitter Kola and honey mixture have reported significant improvements in their businesses and financial lives. They have experienced increased sales, better customer patronage, and an overall sense of well-being.

Remaining Vigilant

It’s essential to remain vigilant even after using the bitter Kola and honey mixture. Keep an eye out for any signs of witches attack and be ready to take action if necessary. By staying alert and proactive, you can continue to protect your finances and businesses from witches attack and maintain your success.

In conclusion, witches attack on your finances and businesses can be a challenging issue to tackle. However, with the help of spiritual tools like bitter Kola and honey, and by combining them with prayer and intention, you can cleanse your business environment, protect your finances, and ultimately achieve success.


  1. Can I use the bitter Kola and honey mixture for personal protection as well? Yes, you can use the mixture for personal protection by sprinkling it around your living space and on your personal belongings.
  2. Is there any scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of bitter Kola in spiritual protection? While there is no direct scientific evidence, bitter Kola has been used for centuries in African traditional medicine and spiritual practices for various purposes, including protection and cleansing.
  3. What if I can’t find bitter Kola in my local area? You can try searching for bitter Kola online or in specialty shops that sell African products. If you still cannot find it, you might consider exploring other spiritual protection methods and tools.
  4. Can I use other sweeteners instead of honey? Honey is recommended for its natural properties and spiritual significance. However, if you have a specific reason to avoid honey, you could explore using other natural sweeteners, but the effectiveness may vary.
  5. How often should I use the bitter Kola and honey mixture? There is no specific guideline on how often you should use the mixture. It’s essential to pay attention to your intuition and the situation at hand. You may need to use it more frequently if you feel a heightened sense of witches attack or if your business is going through a challenging period.

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