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How To Receive Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout: What You Need To Know

How To Receive Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout: What You Need To Know



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The website is where you can get information on the TikTok data privacy settlement.

When you go to the Google search engine, some of the most frequently asked questions are: Is Tiktok safe in 2022?

And often, such questions always come up with a different answer on search engines.

For us at, one of the biggest problems with TikTok has been privacy concerns. That’s why you see questions like “What data does TikTok collect?” and “Does TikTok steal your information?” regularly circulate online.

Although we won’t be talking about that, but rather the TikTok data privacy settlement.

We noticed on Google that people are searching to find out if the TikTok data privacy settlement is a scam or legit, along with Hawk Marketplace and even my prepaid center, plus the email address TikTokdataprivacy

Here is what we discovered on the TikTok data privacy settlement email, which was not a fraud but rather related to an actual court case.

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How To Receive Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout: What You Need To Know 66

About The Tiktok Data Privacy Lawsuit

According to information from the TikTok lawsuit obtained by Mandy News, the app collected and processed without sufficient notice and consent, Plaintiffs’ personal data in connection with Plaintiffs’ use of the App.”

In response to the lawsuit, TikTok disputes every accusation of misconduct as well as all claims for responsibility and compensation, although the matter has not yet gone to trial. Despite TikTok’s denial of all allegations, the parties have come to an agreement in order to “avoid the costs and uncertainty of a trial.”

The app’s data collection has come under scrutiny for a while, particularly in the United States, where the former President Trump threatened to outlaw the app.

The lawsuit was held at the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

A set of data privacy guidelines have also been accepted by TikTok as part of the settlement. The application won’t:

  • Utilize the app to gather or save user biometric data or IDs (as defined by applicable law)
  • Utilize the app to gather GPS or geolocation information.
  • Utilize the app to add data to the user’s clipboards.
  • Utilize the app to send user data from U.S. users to databases located outside of the U.S.
  • Pre-upload content made by Americans.
  • Additionally, TikTok will mandate new privacy-related training for staff members and freelancers.

What Is Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement?

In order to pay for the administrative costs of the settlement as well as the legal fees and expenses of the named petitioners and the Settlement Class members who make valid claims, the Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement would provide $92,000,000. It would also provide injunctive remedies to protect the data of App users.

The Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement provides compensation to persons whose rights the plaintiffs say were violated, absolves the defendants of further liability, and does away with the extra cost and danger involved in pursuing the claims.

Important note: The Tiktok data privacy settlement primarily covered American users.

Update On Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement In US received multiple tweets from people on Thursday, October 27, 2022, regarding receiving an email about the real TikTok data privacy settlement that had been authorized.

Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout
Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout

Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement Payout Per Person

Each person will receive $27.84 or $167.04 as part of the Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement.

Why are the amounts like that?

Anyone who lives in Illinois and uses the TikTok app there “to create videos” may be “entitled to up to six times the compensation,” according to a statement on the website page. At least two claims of obtaining virtual prepaid cards valued about $162 could be explained by this since $27.84 multiplied by six equals $167.04, which is six times as much as $27.

Tiktok Data Privacy Notice Of Settlement Email

The Settlement Administrator’s email address is

If you get any notice outside the email we mentioned above, you definitely know it’s a scam. All you have to do is to thrash such an email.

However, it was claimed that a few emails with the subject line “” were in charge of the payment.
The fact that Verizon delivers gift cards to its customers using the same email address proves that it is a legitimate company.

Who Can Receive Payment From Tiktok Data Privacy Settlement?

A member of the Settlement Class is any of the following:

  • The countywide class consists of everyone who used the app and resided in the United States before September 30, 2021.
  • The Illinois Subclass is made up of all citizens of the State of Illinois who used the App to produce films there before to September 30, 2021.

If you don’t live in the United States and didn’t use the App before September 30, 2021, you are not a member of the Settlement Class and are ineligible to apply for benefits under the Settlement.

The settlement involves a genuine court case and is authentic. If you want to verify that someone isn’t copying real legitimate emails and creating their own scam to try to con you or something similar, just go check the email address to make sure it’s coming from a legitimate source, which it almost certainly is. To learn more about this TikTok data privacy settlement, click here.

Beware of scammers.

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