How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online

How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online

How To Register For INEC Voters Card Online

Do you want to know how to register for INEC voters card online or offline? If you do, then you must be a Nigerian citizen and above 18.

Nigerian nationals over the age of 18 can register to vote online with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). On the INEC Portal, a Nigerian citizen can register as a general voter and complete Form 6 online.

The Nigerian general elections of 2023 will take place in February, and it will be an opportunity to elect the administration that will govern the country for the next four years. However, having a voter ID card is required to vote in elections.

The first step in registering for INEC online is to obtain a good internet connection or go to a nearby Cyber cafe. We’ll walk you through the process of registering for INEC PVC online in this article. We’ll also give you some suggestions on how to register without going online.

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The requirements for registering to vote in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. If you Are a Nigerian citizen.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old.

How To Register For PVC Online

  • Go to the INEC registration portal and select “Get Started” to begin the process of registering your PVC online.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page with a list of available services.
  • Select “New Voter Pre-registration” from the drop-down menu. This option is only available to persons who have never before registered their PVC.
  • You can also transfer your voting center or amend your information on the site.
  • You must either check in to your portal account, or create one, before going to the registration form.
  • Click “Submit” after entering your name, email address, phone number, and creating a password.
  • An email will be sent to you right away to validate your account.
  • Return to the sign-in page by clicking the link in the email you received.
  • Enter your email address and the password you just created by clicking “Log In.”
  • After that, you’ll be taken to a Declaration page, where you’ll be asked to affirm that all of the information you’ve provided is correct. Before continuing, make sure you click “Yes.”


You’ll be brought to the main registration form after you’ve completed the Declaration page. The following data is needed to complete the form:

  • Biodata: name, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, NIN, and nationality.
  • Additional information: level of education, disability, maiden name.
  • Residence: country of residence, state of residence, LGA or city of residence.
  • Birth information: country of birth, state of birth, LGA or city of birth.
  • Origin information: country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin (town or village)
  • Polling unit: This is information about the state, local government and area you want to vote in.

Once you’ve done that, click “Save and Continue,” and you’ll be taken to a new page with confirmation that your application has been modified successfully.


  • After that, you must upload two clean close-up photos of your face, one with a neutral expression and the other with you smiling.
  • Click “Choose File” to upload your images, and you’ll be taken to your camera.
  • Click “Use Photo” after taking each selfie, and it will be resized and uploaded automatically.


  • Now that you’ve learned how to register for an INEC voter card online, the next step is to set up a time for your biometric data to be collected.
  • Biometrics are physical features that are unique to you, such as your height and fingerprints.
  • You’ll need to look up the location of your nearest center here.
  • You’re almost there to become a registered voter. You will obtain a temporary voters’ card (TVC) after your biometrics session, which serves as verification that you completed the voting process.
  • Keep it in a secure location. When the PVC is available, INEC will contact you and ask you to pick it up at the same location where your biometrics were completed. This could take anything from one to three months.
  • To receive the PVC, you must submit your TVC.

Note: There are a few things you should be aware of, including the fact that you can only register once. Wait for confirmation after submitting your application, and then do not try to register again—if you do, your registration will be invalidated, as signing up several times is considered a crime.

How to register for PVC offline

You can register as a voter offline by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the nearest INEC registration centers to obtain Form.
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