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INEC Nigeria Under Fire for Liking Post Criticizing Peter Obi on Social Media

INEC under fire for liking post criticizing Peter Obi 17 days before election. Peter Obi, presidential candidate for Labour Party, faced criticism from Seun Kuti. INEC, Nigeria’s electoral body, faced backlash for endorsing criticism on social media.



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With the 2023 presidential election fast approaching in Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is under fire for its controversial social media activity.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria is facing backlash after it was discovered that the organization had “liked” a post on social media that was critical of Peter Obi, a prominent Nigerian political figure.

The post in question, which was shared on the Twitter page of Nigerian media outlet Premium Times, featured a critique of Peter Obi by musician Seun Kuti, who referred to the politician as an “opportunist.”

INEC like a tweet against Peter Obi
INEC like a tweet against Peter Obi

The controversy has sparked outrage among many Nigerians, who feel that INEC, as a neutral and impartial organization, should not be showing any form of support or disapproval for any particular political figure.

INEC is tasked with overseeing Nigeria’s elections and ensuring that they are conducted fairly and transparently.

Critics are calling on INEC to explain its actions and to take steps to assure the public that it is committed to impartiality. The incident has raised questions about the role that social media plays in political discourse and the responsibilities of organizations like INEC when it comes to engaging with content on these platforms.

Some are also concerned that INEC’s apparent endorsement of the post could have a negative impact on public trust in the organization and the electoral process as a whole.

In light of these developments, many are calling on INEC to issue a statement clarifying its position and to take action to ensure that it remains impartial and unbiased in the lead-up to Nigeria’s elections.

The controversy has cast a shadow over INEC’s reputation and has raised concerns about the organization’s ability to effectively perform its important role in Nigeria’s democratic process.

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