My Wife Got Pregnant For Her Father— A Man Cries Out

My Wife Got Pregnant For Her Father— A Man Cries Out

My Wife Got Pregnant For Her Father— A Man Cries Out

Perhaps wonder will continue until we all leave this planet.

I’m convinced that wonder will never cease to exist.

I was reading through Twitter looking for updates on the country’s insecurity when I came across a message from a young man who was wailing about his ex-wife.

On the American microblogging service Twitter, a man known as “FemidisFemidat” revealed that his wife became pregnant by her biological father.

It all began on Tuesday, when Mr. Femi wanted to tell his own story on how women cheat with audacity.

Pharaoh, a Twitter user, wrote about how he caught his fiancée cheating on him with another man.

“Dated this girl that cheated, she cried so much that I forgave her and asked her to cut all contact with him. I found out that she was still talking to him and her excuse was that he’s an interesting guy and she’ll be bored if she cuts contact with him. Women have mad audacity,” he said.

Femi responded to the tweet by telling the public about his personal experience.

My ex wife. Tried to make me friends with her side dude. This was before I found out that our CHILD was fathered by her own biological Father,” Femi Tweeted.

The former wife noticed the tweet and responded a few hours after it went viral on social media. She stated that she will file a defamation lawsuit against him.

I have never replied to your lies and allegations, and honestly today is only because of my family left to me your lies do not hold water ! And nothing you say will break me from focusing on my life and my child,” she said.

Toyosi otobayo, the lady’s name, served her ex-husband with a lawsuit notice.

  • “Make sure you have witnesses,receipts and evidence When I am READY LEGALLY
  • Make sure you bring out the first DNA. And a legally written statement that showed I was meant to do another DNA FROM the court.
  • you keep coming for my family and my child. This is the last time I will let you use my child and family to talk.”
  • Lastly I hope you know this is the defamation of character to my family and my dead parents? I won’t stoop to your level but I AM COMING… and remember this”

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More updates in the future.

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