Papaya Ex: Truth About Abike Halima Raheem Exposed

Papaya Ex: Truth About Abike Halima Raheem Exposed

Papaya Ex: Truth About Abike Halima Raheem Exposed

A social media personality and YouTuber named Abike Halima Raheem has been accused of dating a married man.

According to the report, the man is an A-list scam artist who has been funding all of Papaya’s lifestyles on Instagram.

The young man was said to have left his wife of many years for a self-acclaimed actress and influencer.

Your favorite blog, MandyNews.com, obtained a video where Papaya’s ex is being disgraced by the man’s wife.

Let’s dig down the truth about Abike Halima Raheem, better known on social media as Papaya ex.

Gistlovers, an anonymous Instagram blog, came to Twitter on Monday, June 13 to expose the man behind Abike’s social media lifestyle.

According to the blog, Papaya’s ex does not make money from influencing as she claimed, but from a boyfriend who is an internet fraudster.

The report says the young man is a very wealthy fraudster who has been on the wanted list of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Despite the fact that he was married with a child and a pregnant woman, Papaya’s continued to see him because of the manner he spent money on her.

A source told the gossip blog that the con-artist is into telegram fraud and has scammed millions of individuals.

MandyNews.com learnt that the EFCC came to the boy’s house to arrest him, but he was able to escape and move out from Abeokuta.

Relocated to Lagos’s Lekki neighborhood, where he met Papaya’s ex.

Gistlovers alleged that the man bought the Mercedes Benz that Papaya flaunted on social media, as well as supporting her trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

The wife got a report that her husband spent a lot of money on Abikes and called him to inquire, but he denied it.

According to the report, the wife went to meet her husband in Lagos one day without telling him, and to her surprise, she saw Papaya at the house.

As a result, the wife and the side chic got into a big fight.

Papaya was claimed to have been so embarrassed by the woman that she urged the man to chase his wife away.

The young man, whose name is Leggy, did exactly as Papaya instructed and chased his pregnant wife and child away.

Despite the man’s pleadings, the wife is said to have fled the marriage.

The woman captured Abike and her husband on camera, and the video is currently viral on social media.

Featured image and gist: Credit Gistlovers.

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