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Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Prayer Points

Powerful Spiritual Cleansing Prayer Points



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Spiritual cleansing prayer points; Today we have shared prayer points for spiritual cleansing to everyone. The purpose of these prayer points is complete purification and freedom from all stumbling blocks.

In our lives, spiritual cleansing is really essential. Nobody ever reaches the point where they can confidently assert, “I am pure and perfect.”

Spiritual cleansing never stops. In order to maintain a high level of zeal for God during our service to Him, we must continue to renew our thoughts with His word and pray for new fire.

We live above sin and develop the spiritual endurance to resist temptations when we go through spiritual cleansing. Our journey toward justice and holiness is maintained by spiritual cleansing.

According to John 15:3, the Bible is God’s purifying power. And the agent of God’s refining is prayer.

More prayer fuels the fire of God within us, and the more the Word is exposed to us, the more pure we become on the inside. Your spirit man will be on fire for God as a result of these prayer points for spiritual cleansing, in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Points For Spiritual Cleansing

Father in the name if Jesus Christ our Lord, I come before you on my behalf & on behalf of my loved ones, my family, & relatives.

-We repent of every sin, every iniquity, every transgression, every fault, every unrighteousness & ungodliness.

-By the blood Jesus shed wash us clean from all sin of all kind in body, soul, & spirit.

-We repent of every sin we’ve committed, even those by our fathers & forefathers.

-I seal, soak, immerse, & cover my body, soul, & spirit in the blood of Jesus.

-I nullify every accusation against my life & the lives of my loved ones in the realm of the spirit.

-I cancel every demonic verdict written & pronounced against my name, my family, my home, my ministry, & my businesses.

-I forgive myself of every iniquity & sin

-I break out of the realm of self-condemnation & unforgiveness.

-I break the root of unforgiveness from my life.

-I forgive, release & forget those who have wronged me.

-I command the root of evil, anger, wrath, & bitterness in my life to be plucked out by the blood of Jesus.

-I command my spirit to begin bearing the fruit of the Spirit effective this day forward.

-I activate the intercessions of the blood of Jesus to operate on my behalf & on behalf of my loved ones.
-I dissociate my spirit from the spirits of hell.

I wash my blood system with the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.

-By the blood of Jesus I flush every demonic poison out of my blood system.

-By the covenant of the blood of Jesus I renounce ancestral spirits, generational curses, & demonic covenants.

-By the blood of Jesus I redeem my life from satanic dedications & demonic soul-ties.
-I renounce ungodly relationships & soul-ties in the mighty name of Jesus.
-I break out of the realm of demonic influence, manipulation, & control.

-I lift up my shield of faith to safeguard my spirit from seducing spirits & doctrines of demons.

-I stand on the pillars of God’s word & in the authority of His anointing & I command a flow of God’s power to be released into my life, home, family, finances, ministry, dreams, & visions.

-I break the chains of death off of my seed, dreams & visions.

-I call to resurrection every God given dream & vision in my life that the devil tried to kill.

-I command every demonic womb to open up & release my blessings that it had swallowed up.

-I command a release of my body, soul, & spirit from every satanic chain.

-I undress myself of every satanic garment.

-I undress myself of the garment of poverty, defeat, reproach, & failure.

-I put off every filthy rag from my life

-I unclothe myself of the spirit of heaviness

I clothe myself with the garment of praise.

-I clothe myself with God’s robe of righteousness.

-I arm myself with God’s armor of victory.

-I invoke the supernatural, miracle working power of God.

-I call into action God’s right hand of righteousness to heal, deliver, & save my life & everything born out of my loins.
-I activate God’s warrior angels to fight on my behalf.
-Oh Lord God of war, arise & let thine enemies be scattered.

-Oh Commander of the Lord’s army, arise in power & come to my rescue.

-Let God’s arrow of deliverance be released into my life & disperse all my enemies.

-Let God’s lightning come down from heaven & smite His enemies.

-Let the fire of God descend down from heaven & consume every unclean spirit opposing my destiny.

-Oh Lord God Mighty warrior, contend with those who are contending with me. Contend with those contending with my destiny.

-In the name of Jesus I destroy spirit of Herod that has risen up to abort my dreams & visions.

-Let spirit Herod & its abortionists be smitten by the fire of God.

-In the name of Jesus I sabotage the power of the spirit of pharaoh.

-Let God’s angel of death decapitate pharaoh’s first born.

-Let God’s angel of death smite pharaoh’s army.

-Let God’s waters of my deliverance drown pharaoh & his entire army.

-I command the Egyptian prison gates to open up & release my children, my money, my home, my finances, my family, & my destiny.

-I command the wealth of the wicked that has been laid up for me to now be released unto me

-In the name of Jesus I break the power of negative words spoken over my life. I decree & declare that they shall have no manifestation whatsoever.

-By the hand of God I quench the violence of every satanic furnace assigned to consume my faith

-By the blood of Jesus I cancel every demonic contract against my life.

-I seal all these prayers in the blood of Jesus & I boldly declare that my eyes will see a manifestation of God’s power working on my behalf.

I refuse to be a failure.

-I refuse to die before my time.

-I refuse to settle for less than what God has appointed for me.

-I now embrace the fulness of God’s blessings in my life.

-I call forth both the former rain & the latter rain to manifest in my life this season.

-I decree that this is my season of total deliverance & restoration in Jesus mighty name

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