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"Religion Is Killing Us More Than Anything In This Country"— Ame!



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This beautiful thread was shared on Twitter by young lady, Ame!
She wrote:
“Just sitting with my Daddy and his friends,soaking up all this knowledge and just realizing that religion is killing us more than anything in this country.
The biggest country in Africa that the United Kingdom colonized is Nigeria.The biggest country that the United Kingdom colonized in Asia is India which then comprised the present Pakistan and Bangladesh.
When the UK came into Nigeria and India, like all other countries they colonized, they brought along their technology, religion (Christianity), and culture: names, dressing, food, and language, among others.
As hard as the British did,India rejected the British religion,names, dressing,food and even language, but they did not reject the British technology.
Today, 80.5 per cent of Indians are Hindus,13.4 per cent Muslims,2.3 per cent Christians; 1.9 per cent Sikhs,0.8 per cent Buddhists, among others.(googled my statistics)
It is rare to find an Indian with an English name or dressed in suit.On the other hand,Nigeria embraced to a large extent, the British religion, British culture,names,dressing, foods,and language but ironically, rejected the British technology.
The difference between the Nigerian and the Indian experiences is that while India is proud of its heritage, Nigeria takes little pride in its own heritage,a situation that has affected the nationalism of Nigerians and our development as a nation.
So from the North to the South of Nigeria, the Western World and the Eastern World have shaped our lives to be like theirs and we have lost much or all of our identity.
If the United Arab Emirates,a country with 75 per cent Muslims, is erecting the tallest building in the world and encouraging the world to come and invest in its territory by providing a friendly environment…
Boko Haram ensures that the economy of the North (and by extension that of Nigeria) is crippled with bombs and bullets unless every Nigerian converts to Boko Haram’s brand of Islam.
We are indeed a very religious people.
Meanwhile,as we are building the biggest churches and mosques,the Indians,South Africans,Chinese, Europeans and Americans have taken over our key markets:telecoms, satellite TV, multinationals, banking,oil and gas,automobile, aviation and industries among others.
Ironically,despite our exploits in religion,we are a people with little godliness,a people without scruples. It is rare to do business with a Nigerian pastor,deacon,knight,imam, mallam, alhaji or alhaja without the person laying landmines of bribes and deception on your path.
We call it PR,facilitation fee, processing fee,transport money, financial engineering, deal, or whatever. But if it does not change hands,no show. And when it is amassed, we say it is “God’s blessings.”
Some people assume that sleaze is a problem of public functionaries, but the private sector seems to be worse than the public sector these days.
Our land never knew the type of bloodshed experienced from religious extremists,political desperadoes,ritual killers,armed robbers,kidnappers,internet scammers,cultists,and lynch mobs.
The new started with bloodshed in Benue and Rivers State.
ife has become so cheap and brutish that everyday seems to be a bonanza.
We import petrol even when we have crude oil in abundance.We also import rice and beans that our land can produce in abundance.We even import toothpicks that primary school children can produce with little or no effort.
India produces automobile and exports it to the world.India’s medical care is second to none,with even Americans and Europeans travelling to the country for medical treatment. India has joined the nuclear powers nations.INDIA OO INDIA.
India has launched a successful mission to the moon. Yet bicycles and tricycles are common sights in India. But in Nigeria, only the “wretched” of the earth ride keke.
I have intentionally chosen to compare Nigeria with India rather than China,South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, or Singapore because of the similarities between India and Nigeria. But these countries were not as promising as Nigeria at the time of our independence.
Some would say that our undoing is our size the 2012 United Nations estimate puts Nigeria’s population at 166,000 million,while India has a population of 1.2 billion.Some would blame it on the multiplicity of ethnic groups we have 250 ethnic groups, India has more than 2,000.
Some would hang it on the diversity in religion we have two major religions Christianity and Islam but India has many.Some would say it is because we are young as an independent nation we have 57 yrs of independence,India has 70 yrs. Apartheid ended in South Africa only in 1994.
I am a Christian,and nothing can change me from Christianity.But I think that our country is daily sinking into religiosity to the detriment of godliness.Our land is sick and needs healing as well as all the help we can get.
We need more godliness than religion,more work and less of hope,and more action and less of words!!!My mind is all messed up about this country.Take care.”

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