Shatta Wale Admits Raping Burna Boy’s Girlfriend

Shatta Wale Admits Raping Burna Boy's Girlfriend

(MANDYNEWS) — Shatta Wale has admitted to forcing women to have sex against their will, he revealed in a recent tweet.

Shatta Wale has admitted that the rape allegations Burna Boy made against him are true.

The 37-year-old singer was accused on Saturday, January 1 by Burna Boy of raping women in Ghana, only for Shatta to accuse him of the same thing.

On Sunday evening during his series of tweets bashing Burna Boy he then disclosed to the public of rapping Burna Boy’s girlfriend.

He said because Burna Boy is a rapist he’s jealous of him for doing the same to his girlfriend.

Because he is a rapist He is jealous I did the same to his girl cuz thats his job Raping jealousy,” he wrote on Twitter.

More details soon.

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