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Summary Of ‘Get Out’ About Kanye West & The Kardashians




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Get Out came out in 2017, was written by Jordan Peele & was released by Universal PicturesDbDAwEXVMAEJoTZ
The main character Chris is a photographer & agrees to meet the family of his white girlfriend Rose. Her dad is a neurosurgeon & her mom is a hypnotherapistDbDB5fnVAAArp7DbDB61wVAAA917A
Chris notices strange behavior from the estate’s black workers. He couldn’t sleep & went outside to smoke a cigarette where he runs into Rose’s mom, who talks Chris into a hypnotherapy session & he goes into a trance, which will come to be known as the “sunken place”
Dozens of wealthy white people arrive the next day & they take special interest into Chris, particularly in his photography skills
Chris meets another black man, Logan, who acts strangely & is married to a much older white woman (sounds sort of familiar even though they might be split up)
Anyway, Chris tries to take a picture of Logan because he looked familiar & was trying to send the photo to his friend that’s TSA agent, Rod
The flash goes off & makes Logan hysterical, yelling at Chris to get out. Rod recognizes Logan as Andre Hayworth, who has been missing for months. Meanwhile, Rose’s dad holds an auction with a photo of Chris
Chris found this behavior odd, especially since they knew each other & Logan never used to dress this particular way & he said hi like this
So Chris is weirded out & starts packing. While getting his things together he finds photos of Rose in prior relationships with black men, contradicting her claim that Chris is her first black boyfriend. He also finds a photo of Rose & the housekeeper as prior friends
He starts to wonder why Rose is obsessed with having relationships with black people (sounds kind of familiar)DbDKV2VWAAAJJ09DbDK6IgVQAAEOim
Kim Kardashian with Kanye & ex boyfriendsDbDLds7UwAIELMXDbDLgcuVQAAk9wmDbDLgpZU8AEwSYiDbDLhhbVAAAEvad
Kylie Jenner with Travis Scott, ex boyfriends, & her best friend JordynDbDMe jU0AAHHLBDbDMflfU8AA0kdyDbDMghdV4AAEvDd
Blac Chyna had Rob Kardashian’s baby DreamDbDM wbVwAA6q0Z
Kardashian nanniesDbDNzdgVAAAyUAWDbDN0jEU8AArvjrDbDN4u1VwAEAi2m
Kim’s surrogate for Chicago WestDbDOblKVAAEEUWDbDOeJoUwAQVIf
Alright so after Chris sees all the pictures of Rose & her last relationships, he tries to escape. Rose’s mother ends up hypnotizing him again (goes to the sunken place) & he wakes up strapped to a chair
A video plays explaining that the family transplants the brains of white people into black bodies. The consciousness of the host will remain in the sunken place & they will remain completely powerless, while believing black people are physically superior compared to white people
This would be why all of the black people at the estate were acting “white” since they had their brains replaced with a white person
As a sidenote it’s interesting that on ‘Famously Single’ Tiffany Pollard, or as we all know her New York, was talking about the girls in the house as being too boujee & that Malika, Khloe’s best friend, “needs to put some hood in her coffee,” basically saying she acts white
So let’s get into why people think that Get Out was about Kanye West & the Kardashians
The first claim is that Kanye has lost all of his rhythm (essentially saying he dances like he’s white now)
People are saying who the hell from Southside Chicago would dance like this & there’s many versions of this video with different audio making fun of Kanye
Kanye back in the day before the Kardashians
The second claim is that he has more than one personality like Logan
Kanye being interviewed on Kris Jenner’s had been show. Check out the Masonic floor
Kanye back in the day before the Kardashians
It’s like the first interview is Logan & the second interview is Andre
The third claim is that Kanye hates getting his picture taken (just like in Get Out how a flashing light gets them upset & takes them out of the sunken place)
Kanye avoids flash & runs into pole
The last claim is that Kanye was put back into the sunken place after his rant on stage
“The vibes is back” meaning Kanye’s consciousness was back = out of the sunken place & this would cause him to go back in it

Others have claimed the movie’s sunken place is actually about MK ultra reprogramming. Here’s Roseanne Barr:

Another theory is that the Kardashians prefer being in relationships with black people is because melanated skin stays youthful longer, & since people believe in the transgender agenda, white transgender people in Hollywood tend to be more obvious when they get older
The white family in Get Out did claim that black people were physically superior
The memes about Get Out have been real lol except Kanye just came back to social mediaDbD4dqxU0AEe WVDbD4eewUwAA7jRvDbD4esTVAAAHqYp
End of thread. Check out how bad this theory gets under Kim’s skin lol
Seriously wtf & Kanye might be back to Twitter but before his rant he would tweet in all capsDbIVb WWAAA PJcDbIVcveX4AEvTIh

This thread was written by Kardashian Facts @KardashTruths on Twitter.

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