Tinubu Has Donated ₦50 Million To Kaduna Train Attack Victims

Tinubu Has Donated ₦50 Million To Kaduna Train Attack Victims

Kaduna, Nigeria (MANDYNEWS) – Bola Ahmed Tinubu, an APC presidential hopeful in 2023, has donated $50 million to victims of the Kaduna train attack.

The 50,000,000 donation was announced during his visit to Governor Nasir Elrufai on Tuesday.

The funds were given to the state government for the rehabilitation of train attack victims.

Speaking to reporters, the 70-year-old former Governor of Lagos stated that the country is bleeding and that the government must confront terrorism.

“Nigeria is bleeding, we need to fight terrorism with all our energy and whatever we have. Kaduna train attack is a disaster to all of us, whatever happens to Nigeria happens to all of us,” Tinubu said.

Governor Nasir Elrufai, Senators, and other top Kaduna State government officials received Mr Tinubu at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim residence.

Tinubu would become Nigeria’s biggest donor in 2022 as a result of the Kaduna train attack victims’ donations.

Tinubu had previously contributed N50 million to Zamfara villages that had been invaded by terrorists.

Credit: YouTube/TVC

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