Tiwa Savage Trending Video

Tiwa Savage Trending Video

Rumors of a second Tiwa Savage and Bolo Beckham video have been circulating ever since the R&B singer reacted to the first circulated Snapchat video.

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According to Tiwa, the tape is “natural lovemaking and that can’t break me”.

But the mother of one hasn’t reacted to the rumors flying around that she has an unreleased tape with her boyfriend.

You can watch the very latest Tiwa Savage tape footage, obtained by Mandy News, to feed your desirous appetite and curiosity before we jump into the full story of the video that turned Tiwa Savage into Nigeria’s most-searched-for on the internet.

Tiwa Savage posing and sharing almost-unclothed shots on Instagram is practically old that at this point, we can’t forget what served as one of the main pillows for Tiwa’s stratospheric success in the first place: the kiss with Flavour and the infamous on Wanted video.

While the vast majority are aware that a Tiwa Savage video has been floating in the Internet-sphere for more than 48hrs, many may not know how this clip video got into the web.
Tiwa was still promoting her new EP and lead single “somebody’s son” when the video went viral on October 18th, 2021. This raises the question (again…and again): was the video a marketing ploy to change all that?

Love or Hate Tiwa Savage Trending Video?

Some hate Tiwa Savage for allowing herself to be recorded in the boat during the “natural” act with Bolo Beckam of Warri—as seen in the 10-second video—and allegedly releasing the footage to social media to promote her EP. Meanwhile, others, praise the afrobeat star for not letting the video break her down.
Love her or hate her, Tiwa Savage has been one of the most influential women in the entertainment business in Africa for years. Having earned more than 13 million followers on Instagram, she has shaped the afrobeat culture landscape for quite a while. Everything Tiwa touches turn to gold—and the Tiwa Savage trending video is no exception.

Who Released The Tiwa Savage viral video?

Many believe that it was Bolo Beckam of Warri, herself, or her management who released the footage to spike her album sales and give her more fame.
Whether or not the 41-year-old released the footage to dominate social media remains a subject of Internet debate.
Although, Bolo Beckham hasn’t been pressed about whether or not he had any role in revealing the video to get back at his Tiwa savage with revenge.

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