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Top 20 Corrupt Behaviours Now Seen As ‘Normal’ In Nigeria



Top 20 Corrupt Behaviours Now Seen As 'Normal' In Nigeria

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Nigeria, with its vibrant culture and rich history, is as enigmatic as it is beautiful. But, like the double-edged sword, certain corrupt behaviours, once shocking, have become disturbingly familiar. These behaviours, much like unwelcome guests, have found their way into everyday life.

This article unravels the top 20 behaviours now accepted as ‘business as usual’ in Nigeria.

1. Bribery: The Unofficial “Service Charge”

A subtle nudge. A sly wink. Suddenly, processes are expedited, and hurdles disappear. From the police checkpoints to governmental offices, bribery is often the unspoken norm.

2. Ghost Workers: Invisible Yet Present

Imagine being paid for a job you never did. This economic phantom menace has drained Nigeria’s coffers for years.

3. Nepotism: All In The Family

It’s often not what you know, but whom you know. Positions and privileges are regularly granted based on lineage or connections, overshadowing merit.

4. Election Misdeeds: Democracy’s Dark Side

Election periods in Nigeria can mirror a blockbuster movie. Ballot box snatching, voter intimidation, and more recently, digital manipulation are scenes played out every cycle.

“Corruption, like a virus, has the potential to destroy, but awareness and action can be the vaccine.” – Anonymous

5. Land Issues: The Terra Firma Tussles

Illegally selling or taking over lands is a booming ‘business’. This practice has caused many a family to lose their ancestral homes.

6. Fuel Scandals: When Fill-Up Fuels Fraud

From petrol adulteration to fuel subsidy scams, the energy sector is not immune to the grease of corruption.

7. Tax Evasion: The Great Nigerian Vanishing Act

While some complain about taxes, others simply vanish from the radar, leaving the nation’s purse lighter.

8. Exam Scandals: Degrees, At A Price

Merit takes a backseat when degrees and grades are available for a price. This corrupt act not only devalues education but also the nation’s global reputation.

9. Environmental Malpractices: Nature’s Unpaid Dues

Illegal mining. Deforestation. Unchecked pollution. The environment pays a hefty price for these malpractices.

10. Judicial Compromise: When Justice Bends

Judicial outcomes, influenced by external factors, undermine the very essence of justice.

11. Intellectual Theft: A Nation’s Lost Creativity

From music to literature, the Nigerian arts scene battles daily with rampant piracy, depriving creators of their rightful earnings.

12. Black Markets: The Hidden Economy’s Rise

Illicit trade thrives in the shadows. Be it contraband goods or foreign exchange, these parallel markets influence the national economy’s stability.

13. Power Games: Electricity in Darkness

Illegal connections and meter tampering light up homes, but at what cost? The national power grid grapples with these unauthorized energy siphons.

14. Media Manipulation: Twisting the Truth

Fake news and paid propaganda often make headlines, misguiding the masses and shaping public opinions underhandedly.

15. Health Sector Frauds: Playing with Lives

Fake drugs, counterfeit medical certificates, and under-the-table services plague a sector that holds Nigerians’ well-being in its hands.

16. Construction Scams: Foundations Built on Sand

Inflated contracts, substandard materials, and abandoned projects: the construction sector isn’t free from the tentacles of corruption.

17. Transportation Rackets: The Costly Free Ride

Whether it’s unauthorized tolls or manipulated vehicle registration, the transport sector faces its own set of corrupt challenges.

18. Immigration Exploits: Crossing Lines, Literally

“Special” passports or quicker visa processes come at a premium, with officials sometimes turning a blind eye.

19. Unregulated Financial Practices: Banking on Corruption

Money laundering, insider trading, and unofficial lending practices dent the image of the financial sector.

20. Informal Education Scams: Knowledge, at a Price

Unaccredited institutions, fake certifications, and dubious training programs mislead thousands seeking better education and opportunities.

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