Twitter User ‘Vows To Rape Simi’s New Born Baby When She Turns 18’

A TWITTER user, WISDOM OBI PETER has vowed to r*pe singer Simi’s daughter, Adejare when she turns 18, he’s released a series of tweets insulting Simi and Adekunle Gold.

One of the Nigerian Twitter influencers, Pamilerin has taken to Twitter in search for wisdompetertm location and contact address after he said “If Simi’s baby turn 18, I’m going to R*pe her”

After Simi announced the birth of her daughter who she names Adejare on Sunday night, a Twitter WISDOM OBI PETER said on 9:50 PM 7th June;

“If Simi’s baby turn 18, I’m going to R*pe her”

“I’m happy for Simi and AG Baby but I pray that child doesn’t become stupid like the mother,” he added.

Wisdom Obi Peter also challenge Adekunle Gold and Simi over the baby’s name Adejare which means “the crown has overcome.” He said; “Simi and AG Baby no vex o but why name your baby Adejare why not Stupidity and Fool, sounds better”

Added again that “Adekunle Gold’s child will end up being WORTHLESS just like most of you Simi and AG Baby named their child Adejare, sounds like the S.I Unit of Stupidity to me”

Reacting to the tweet, Pamilerin said “Who can help with the location of this guy.. That you won’t end up in Jail
@wisdompetertm this year, is a lie”

While we were trying to go into details about him we found out he deleted his Twitter account and his Instagram post.

On 09:46, 11 April 2020. Wisdom Obi Peter ™’s tweet – Forget the fact She’s 15, guys…I’m Yul Edochie’s future In-Law.”

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We also found out he has been tweeting about how he would r*pe women.

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