Viral Video Shows 42 Migrants Found Dead In San Antonio

Viral Video Shows 42 Migrants Found Dead In San Antonio

Viral Video Shows 42 Migrants Found Dead In San Antonio

A video of the 42 immigrants who were found dead in truck in San Antonio has gone viral on social media.

A number of American media sources published the short clip.

There are 42 dead, according to Governor Greg Abbott. But according to the Fire Department, they discovered 46 victims lying inside the truck.

In the now-viral footage obtained by, a long red truck is seen being surrounded by security officers.

Firefighters said that no children were among the deceased.

According to local government representatives, 16 further persons were discovered to be alive and were transferred to hospitals in the area. Firefighters report that 4 of the survivors are kids.

According to the “New York Times,” the initial presumption is that the victims are immigrants. All of the people on the trailer are thought to have entered the US unlawfully.

The nationality of the victims and other survivors are unknown, although authorities said that two of the group who were rescued alive were from Guatemala.

According to Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, the victims’ nationality is unknown, but the Mexican consul is on the way to the scene.

On San Antonio’s Southwest Side, the truck was found close to some railroad rails. The distance to the US-Mexico border from the city is around 250 kilometers.

The truck’s driver appears to have abandoned the vehicle, and San Antonio police are looking for him or her.

Although three persons were held, the police did not specify how they were connected to the incident.

Investigative duties were transferred to the US Department of Homeland Security.

The trending video is embedded below.

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