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Winter Weather Forecast 2022/23

Winter Weather Forecast 2022/23

Winter Weather Forecast 2022/23

Will winter 2022/23 be cold? Will it be a bad winter? When will it snow in 2022/23? Will there be snow at Christmas 2022?

On the internet, a lot of people are currently searching for these hot questions from all around the world.

The 2022–2023 winter, depending on where you live, will either be the best winter ever or memorable for all the wrong reasons, predicts Janice Stillman, publisher of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

According to his winter forecast for 2022–2023, one half of the United States would experience extremely cold and a ton of snow, while the other half may see a winter that never actually arrives.

However, every year the accuracy of the Almanac’s winter weather forecast averages around 80%.

2022-23 winter forecast

Will it snow this year 2022? This is one question many of our readers want to know. We will cover the answer to this question below.

This is’s early prediction for the winter of 2022–2023. Along with being my first December article, this is also Mandy News’ first winter prediction.

US winter weather forecast 2022

The majority of the United States is predicted to see somewhat warmer-than-average temperatures, with the exception of the north central region, which is predicted to experience colder-than-average temperatures.

Although it’s too early to predict precipitation, January appears to have a tendency toward drier conditions.

The majority of the country is predicted to see substantially warmer temperatures than average, with the east coast and the northwest forecast to be the warmest regions.

February is predicted to see above-average precipitation across the nation, with colder than average temperatures in the east and warmer than average temperatures in the west.

The United States’ north central region will be the coldest, while the west coast will be the warmest.

Trends in the amount of precipitation range from average to slightly below average.

The predicted temperature for March will be the same as that for February. The western half of the United States will be slightly warmer than in February, and Maine is predicted to be colder than average. These are the only two differences. The pattern for precipitation is similar to that of February.

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