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Tired Of Nigeria? 15 Countries That Will Pay You To Move There



Tired Of Nigeria? 15 Countries That Will Pay You To Move There

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We’ve seen countless stories of Nigerians ready to move out of the country due to several circumstances. So we decided to help with the list of 15 countries that will pay you to move there.

Are you looking for a change in life?

Did you know there are a number of countries across the world that will pay you money to travel there?

Anyway, you are here now and let us share the goodness with you. Governments in many western countries are looking to pay on current trends around the remote area by offering paid anyone willing to relocate.

The trend started in Molise, a walled medieval village in Italy that offers people money to move there.

While thinking of how to leave Nigeria for a better country that will pay you to move there, we’re going to take a look at some of the best place.

We bring you 15 examples of places around the world that will pay you to move there. Let’s check them out.

1. Sicily, Italy

Sambuca di Sicilia is a small town in Sicily of about 6,000 people that has been shrinking as residents move to larger cities. To boost the population, the town is selling homes for only €1. In return, you must refurbish their run-down home within three years, which will likely cost around €15,000 (around $17,800), and provide a €5,000 (around $5,900) security deposit that will be returned to them when they complete the renovations.

2. Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan’s Graduate Retention Program aims to keep college graduates in the province by offering $20,000 CAD (around $15,000 USD) in tax returns. Canada will pay you to live there over the course of 10 years while you live there and file taxes. The only catch is that you have to have graduated from a post-secondary school on their list of approved institutions.

3. Ponga Village, Spain

If you’re part of a young couple that wants to have kids, you can earn €3,000 (around $3,550) just by moving to Ponga Village, Spain and staying for five years. It’s a small town of fewer than 1,000 people, which has continued to decline over the years. You’ll also receive an additional €3,000 for each of your children, whether they moved with you or are born in Ponga Village.

4. Mauritius

Do you have a business idea that you’re passionate about? Mauritius, an island east of Madagascar, offers 20,000 Mauritian Rupees to startup businesses that move there. All you’ll have to do is present your unique and profitable business idea to a committee that will determine whether you qualify.

5. Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam

These three countries offer similar benefits and target current European and United States, residents. In return for moving to Korea, Thailand, or Vietnam, they’ll give you a job teaching English and other courses. The process is simple and fairly quick, so if you want it, you’ll be off to Asia sooner than you think!

6. Kaitangata, New Zealand

Kaitangata has a declining population, so they’re willing to give you a quarter acre of land worth $165,000. It may not be physical money to convince you to move there, but real estate is an investment worthy of relocating! They give preference to New Zealand residents, but they’ll welcome anyone from anywhere in the world.

7. Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is a program that’s attracting entrepreneurs from around the globe. If you think your startup has potential, submit an application. If approved and you move to Ireland, your business will receive thousands of Euros in funding and access to the European Union, one of the largest markets in the world!

8. Denmark

Denmark loves entrepreneurs and encourages startup businesses to relocate there. They aren’t necessarily a country that will pay you to move there, but relocating there grants you access to Denmark’s superb education, health, and welfare systems. Even if you’re an investor, moving to Denmark isn’t a bad idea!

9. Candela, Italy

Candela has the crowded streets of urban Italy without the masses of people. It’s home to about 2,700 people, and the mayor is offering between €800 (around $945) and €2,000 (around $2,350) for singles and families to move there. The only catch is that you must live there full time, rent a house, and have a job that earns at least €7,500 (around $8,900) per year.

10. Antikythera, Greece

The Greek island of Antikythera has less than 50 inhabitants, and the Greek Orthodox Church will pay you to move there. You’ll receive a house and land, as well as €500 (around $590) a month for your first three years. You may not have a plethora of shops on the island, but it’s perfect for those who want solitude and self-sufficiency!

11. Chile

Chile is a country looking to build its tech market. They have launched Start-Up Chile to amplify the opportunities for tech workers. If you are a tech entrepreneur, the program offers you $80,000 equity-free, in addition to work visas, training and office space.

12. Albinen, Switzerland

This picturesque Swiss village needs more people. That’s why they decided to pay $25,00 to every adult and $10,000 to every child in the town. The only rule is that you must be 45 years or younger and be willing to reside in the town for 10 years.

13. Alaska

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is a dividend paid to Alaska residents who have lived in the state for a full calendar year.

The amount of the PFD changes every year according to what the Alaska legislature approves. Last year, the PFD was around $1,000. This year, it could be as much as $5,000.

14. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Since its launch in 2018, the Tulsa Remote plan has been giving $10,000 grants to eligible remote workers or entrepreneurs who agree to live in the city for at least one year.

15. Northwest Arkansas

The Northwest Arkansas Council continues to support the “Life Works Here” initiative, which aims to attract people to the region by giving them a $10,000 cash incentive to move there.

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