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App Update Virus: Facebook Lite Hacks And Tricks

App Update Virus: Facebook Lite Hacks And Tricks

App Update Virus: Facebook Lite Hacks And Tricks

You may have lately encountered this situation: while browsing through the Facebook lite version page on your smartphone, a pop-up message notifies you that the app needs to be updated or that the version you are running is unsupported and you need to upgrade. Or perhaps you clicked on it by mistake. What’s happening? Has spyware been installed on your phone, or has your Facebook account been compromised?

Although it’s possible that your smartphone or Facebook account could be hacked, if you dare click on the pop-up message. Most people would never know that the message is not from the official Facebook. This is because a hacker will make it look so real to you. You’ll see it clearly written that it comes from “Meta” from Facebook, but it is a malware (virus) and downloading or trying to update using that prompt means you will lose total access and control of your account.

There are, however, a number of additional motives for the Facebook Lite upgrade. And yes, some of them are intentionally bad. Here’s a tip for avoiding the danger.

update your app Facebook lite
update your app Facebook lite

Fake Facebook Update

The fake Facebook Update, a pop-up message that informs the user that their Facebook is out-of-date, is a frequent trick that affects both Android and iOS users. These notifications frequently have a “update your app” button that directs you to a method of closing your account, and they frequently appear to be coming from Facebook. Of course, the goal is to terrify the user into downloading malicious software that will log you out instantly and hijack your account somewhere else.

What To Do:

Just switch to the regular Facebook app for the time being and uninstall the Facebook Lite app from your smartphone.

For the time being, it appears that the virus is exclusively targeting Facebook Lite.

Avoid being a victim of Facebook hackers.

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