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BBC’s Narrative vs. Reality: The Truth Behind Tinubu’s CSU Certificate

The truth behind President Tinubu’s CSU certificate: A deep dive into BBC’s narrative versus the actual facts from the Caleb Westberg deposition.



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The recent buzz around President Tinubu’s CSU certificate has been a hot topic, with the BBC presenting its narrative. But how much of it aligns with reality?

Let’s dive in.

The BBC’s Take

The BBC recently reported that the diploma Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu submitted was not forged. They further claimed that CSU couldn’t find the original diploma they issued to Mr. Tinubu in 1979 but produced a replacement for him in the 1990s.

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The Deposition’s Revelations

A deposition by Caleb Westberg, a representative from CSU, paints a slightly different picture:

  • Original Diploma: CSU provided a diploma to Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 1979.
  • Discrepancy: The diploma from 1979 can’t be the one President Tinubu submitted to INEC.

Caleb Westberg’s Deposition Highlights:

  1. Regarding the INEC Diploma:
    • Question: This diploma is the diploma that Mr. Tinubu reportedly submitted to INEC. Do you have any reason to doubt that statement?
    • Answer: No.
  2. On the Discrepancy of the Diploma Date:
    • Question: The diploma you refer to as the one that CSU provided to Tinubu was the one that was provided to that student in 1979, correct?
    • Answer: Correct.
    • Question: And the diploma that was provided to the student Tinubu in 1979 can’t be the one that President Tinubu submitted to INEC because Dr. Daniel did not arrive at CSU until later?
    • Answer: That’s correct.
  3. On the Birth Date Discrepancy:
    • Question: You see in the upper right-hand corner that the birth date appears to be 3-29-54 here? And you’re aware that Mr. Tinubu also submitted to INS that his birth date is 3-29-52?
    • Answer: I’m not aware of that.
  4. On the Authenticity of Records:
    • Question: How can you be sure that this is the same Bola A. Tinubu who is now president?
    • Answer: This is a part of the student’s official record. We don’t have any reason to doubt the authenticity of our student record.
  5. On the Certification Process:
    • Question: Were these documents requested to be certified for the Nigerian proceedings?
    • Answer: I believe they were requested by Mr. Woleafolabi to be certified. I cannot say more than that about why or how it for.


From the deposition, it’s evident that there are discrepancies between the diploma that CSU provided to Tinubu in 1979 and the one submitted to INEC. The deposition also highlights a potential discrepancy in the birth date. However, the BBC article suggests that the diploma was re-issued in the 1990s, which could explain the difference in appearance.

Comparing the Two

AspectBBC’s NarrativeDeposition’s Reality
Original DiplomaNot forgedIssued in 1979
DiscrepancyRe-issued in the 1990sCan’t be the one submitted to INEC

The Birth Date Conundrum

Another twist in the tale is the birth date discrepancy. The deposition highlighted potential inconsistencies in the birth date on the diploma.

BBC vs. Reality: The Verdict

While the BBC offers an explanation for the discrepancies, it’s essential to corroborate this with evidence. Without concrete evidence, it’s challenging to determine the veracity of the BBC article’s claims.

  • Fact 1: Tinubu’s diploma from 1979 exists.
  • Fact 2: There’s a discrepancy in the diploma submitted to INEC.
  • Fact 3: The BBC claims the diploma was re-issued in the 1990s.

Pro Tip: Always cross-reference news from multiple sources. Check out Wikipedia for a neutral perspective on global events.

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