Ex-bestie Accused Of Stealing Woman’s Boyfriend In Shocking Betrayal

Ex-bestie Accused Of Stealing Woman's Boyfriend In Shocking Betrayal

Ex-bestie Accused Of Stealing Woman’s Boyfriend In Shocking Betrayal

Friendship is an essential aspect of human life. Friends are the ones we share our joy, sorrow, and secrets with. They are the people we trust and confide in. However, when friendship is betrayed, it leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth. This was the case with a woman who accused her former best friend of stealing her boyfriend.

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The woman’s ordeal began in September 2020 when she introduced her boyfriend to her best friend, with whom she had a child. The three of them went out to lunch, and the friend seemed genuinely happy for the couple. Moreover, in May 2021, the friend traveled from Cape Town to another city to attend the couple’s baby shower.

According to the victim, she and her best friend met her boyfriend, with whom she had a child, in September 2020. She introduced her friend to her boyfriend, and the three of them went out to lunch together. The friend seemed happy for the couple and even attended their baby shower in May 2021. However, things took a turn for the worse after the victim caught her former friend dating her boyfriend.

The victim confronted her former friend, who responded by saying that they were never friends and that the victim was beneath her level of people she would ever regard as a friend. The friend also accused the victim of being the fake friend all along and of constantly talking about her to her ex-boyfriend. The friend claimed that it was the victim’s constant nagging about her behind her back that made her ex-boyfriend notice her in the first place.

The friend went on to call the victim a toxic and bitter little girl who needs to heal. She claimed that the victim’s behavior was what led to the situation, and that the victim was only upset because her boyfriend had chosen her. She also accused the victim of constantly stalking her social media pages and of creating fake social media accounts to harass her.

The victim, in response, accused her former friend of being a fake and toxic person who was trying to tear her down. She claimed that the friend was jealous of her relationship and that she had tried to sabotage it from the beginning. The victim also accused the friend of harassing her and her boyfriend and of creating fake social media accounts to send them messages.

The situation between the former friends has caused a lot of reaction on social media, with many people taking sides. Some people are supporting the victim, while others are supporting the friend. Many people have also criticized the behavior of both parties, saying that they should have handled the situation more maturely.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of honesty and transparency in relationships. It is essential to have trust and respect in any relationship, whether it is a romantic or platonic one. While it is normal to feel jealous or upset in certain situations, it is important to communicate these feelings in a healthy and constructive manner. This incident is also a reminder that social media can be a double-edged sword. While it can be a powerful tool for communication, it can also be a source of drama and negativity if not used responsibly.

Read below:

‘The sooner you come to terms with the fact that we were never friends, the
better for you. This ‘friend’ narrative that you keep pulling is getting worn out. You are beneath my level of people I’d ever regard as a friend because you are dumb and you act like an illiterate with nothing to lose.
While you’re busy ‘putting me on blast’ don’t forget to mention the fact that YOU were the fake ‘friend’ all along.
Nothing you’ve done till this day will phase me because you and I both know how much you never liked me from day 1 YOUR fake friendship towards me, I clocked a very long time ago.
YOU constantly talking about me to your EX, and the constant nagging about me behind my back was what made him notice me in the first place.
You’re a toxic, boter little girl and you need to heal.
This was all YOUR doing. And between you and the god you serve, you know this.
You are not my friend, never was my friend.
You are nothing but a fan who was trying to get close to me. You’ve been a silent haer since day one and you’re only pressed because he chose me. You can’t stand the fact that the one person you tried to tear down so much in front of him and to others, especially your so called

friends, is the same person he chose to be with. That’s the real Tea!
Let your minions know exactly how you are and stop lying to make yourself look good. You’ve already made yourself look stu id by putting YOUR business out there for everyone to see. And quit with the fake accounts. It’s screaming desperate and mental.
Whatever narrative suits you, pls run with. As long as it makes you feel better
We are happy and very much in love. So thank you for ‘introducing’ me to my man After all, What God cannot do does not exist
Stop texting my man and for the love of God, stop har ing us. Focus on your blessing and use this energy in making sure you raise a beautiful girl that doesn’t end up being like you
Also, you need to get your act together and stop acting wild every time you know we’re together.
You look domb instablog9ja
While you’re stalking my page, I hope you’re taking notes on how to act.
I am not your mate, I am not your friend, you are not on my level, which you wish you were.
So every time you ask yourself, ‘why ADEOLA’ Remember that.’

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