Here’s GoFundMe To Bring back Cynthia Morgan


$30 has been raised of $150,000 goal to bring back Cynthia Morgan in the music industry.

Oros group is the first person to support the upfront With Sandra goal to bring back Cynthia Morgan.

Sandra Ogbebor is organizing this fundraiser

After her contract with her music label ended due to some legal issues and shortly after that she took ill, realized she was not recovering and had to relocate to Benin to cut medical costs.

An illness that nearly claimed her life. She spent well over a year in recovery. By the time it was over she had finished all her savings from music on hospital bills. She fell into a deep depression, refused to share her pain with anyone and decided to hide away in Benin city, broken and embarrassed.

What happened to Cynthia Morgan?

She was sick for over 6 months.

Sandra Ogbebor has decided to set up a Gofundme to appeal to her fans to please contribute to bringing her back on the scene. She has unreleased fire hits that we can’t wait to share with the world. The truth is, she has remained the undisputed queen of the dance hall in Nigeria and we need her back.

Did Cynthia Morgan do drug?

It was never a drug problem she never did drugs. She was depressed over not achieving what she planned to achieve before the age she planned.

Where is Cynthia morgan now?

She’s currently in Benin city with her family. The singer doesn’t want to sign under a label anymore but she is open to a partnership.

She will drop a new single soon.

Kindly click here to support her.

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