Here’s Why Dababy Visits Nigeria

Here's Why Dababy Visits Nigeria

Here’s Why Dababy Visits Nigeria

On his first visit to Nigeria as the famous American rapper, Dababy will live in Davido’s mansion in Banana Island.

In May 2022, one of the kings of the new school rappers, Dababy, visited Africa’s most populous country to learn about the culture and shoot a music video with Davido.

Besides being born in the United States, Dababy has the look of a man in the southern eastern part of Nigeria.

During his visit to Nigeria, Dababy took to the streets of the second-largest city in Africa to patronize young boys who sell things along the road.

He was seen throwing money in the air for fans who came to welcome him during the busy night at the Lagos airport road.

A few hours after he arrived in Lagos, him and Davido took to the street to shoot a video of their unreleased project. 

The 30-year-old Capricorn’s visit to Nigeria was fun and he’s very happy living with Davido and his crew.

So for those asking why Dababy visited Nigeria, his main reason for the visit was to shoot the music video with Davido.

Here's Why Dababy Visits Nigeria
Here's Why Dababy Visits Nigeria
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