Is Chinese President Xi Jinping Under House Arrest?

Is Chinese President Xi Jinping Under House Arrest?

Is Chinese President Xi Jinping Under House Arrest?

The most asked question from MandyNews.com readers at the moment is: Is Chinese President Xi Jinping under house arrest?

The widely circulated claim that Chinese President Xi Jinping was being held in his home originated on social media in Beijing by Jennifer Zeng.

According to a different source, News Highland Vision, Song Ping, a former member of the Standing Committee, was convinced to keep control of the Central Guard Bureau by former Chinese president Hu Jintao and former Chinese premier Wen Jibao.

Additionally, according to reports seen by MandyNews.com, Xi was stopped at the airport after his 16th September return from the SCO.

As a result, this article will go into great length, and MandyNews.com will need to confirm the veracity of the trending report.

Keep in mind that no major news organizations have published any articles claiming that the Chinese President has been detained or that the military has taken control of China.

While we dig hard to find the sources for the primary report, treat the popular news as bogus.

Xi Jinping Under House Arrest

The leader of China’s People’s Liberation Army, or PLA, Xi Jinping, who was last seen in Samarkand for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SEO Summit, has reportedly been replaced, according to multiple social media posts.

The Chinese Communist Party and the state-run media, however, have not made an official statement on the matter.

Updates – 7:40

It looks like this story is a fake news story because MandyNews.com was unable to confirm it.

The most recent news coming out of China is that a court in Changchun city, Jilin province, sentenced former Vice Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun to death with a suspended death sentence and no chance of parole.

His acceptance of bribes totaling 646 million Yuan was judged to be illegal, according to China Central Television.

Furthermore, he is charged with illegally possessing weapons and manipulating stocks.

We also looked for any Xi-related stories on websites like the Global Times. But we couldn’t find any such news. Additionally, we looked on foreign websites like CNN and BBC, but we couldn’t find any such news. It would have made international news if Xi had been placed under house arrest.

As a result, for the time being, we can certify that the rumors about Xi Jinping being placed under house arrest are unfounded and false.

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