Jaruma’s Husband Left Her And Got Loved Up With A Side Chick — See Why

Jaruma's Husband Left Her And Got Loved Up With A Side Chick — See Why

Jaruma’s husband left her and fell in love with a side chick.

Jaruma’s husband left her and fell in love with a side chick.

It looks like Jarama and her husband, Ross Fahad Isabor, have already ended their romance.

When they were enjoying a romance the previous year, the pair tense Nigerian social media—and single folks.

Fahad had met a new girlfriend named Jasmine, and he seemed to be treated like royalty by her.

The two were playing love on the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, and the Lagos-based chick was even sending subliminal messages to Jaruma.

“Don’t believe everything you see or hear. Because I’ve been quiet about a lot of things that don’t,” she said.

“Find another way to feed yourself and stop making it seem like you guys are still together. H*e that ended YEARS AGO. Stop calling him and talking about how he’s ruining your brand. It’s time for you to find a hustle. f [email protected] eirdo,” she added.

Mandy News’ eagle-eyed caught a message on an Instagram story where Jasmine was doing all the hyping for her new love. 

Jasmine to Fahad
Jasmine to Fahad

The lady, who goes by the name Jasmine Queen, used her Instagram account to express her affection for the man. Jaruma’s husband was characterized as “her light,” “very diligent,” “educated, knowledgeable,” and “God-fearing” as she expressed her gratitude to him.

She wrote: “Thanks love, I really do appreciate you in my life. My light. so handsome, my extremely hardworking man, so smart, knowledgeable and God-fearing. You never slack. You always put in 100%. I am thankful for you always.”

It turns out Ross put the girlfriend on pay when he asked her to leave her job.

The young businessman and the kayanmata vendor had previously had an open relationship, which terminated last year.

Many people have now taken to social media to mock her for misleading people into buying her products, which couldn’t protect her marriage.

Many on social media were startled that a woman could effectively snatch her husband, despite Jaruma’s reputation for bragging about knowing the best methods to keep a man with her different kayamata products.

Last year, there was a rumor that Jaruma’s husband had dumped her on the internet, but she quickly disproved the rumor.

According to a rumor circulating on social media, the man left him because he was fed up with her way of life.

Many Nigerians mocked Jaruma, claiming that her kayamata products couldn’t save her husband from being taken by another woman at the time of writing.

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