Mirabel Ezinne Dead: How ‘Yahoo Boys’ Killed Young Lady In Ebonyi Hotel Room

Mirabel Ezinne Dead: How ‘Yahoo Boys’ Killed Young Lady In Ebonyi Hotel Room

Mirabel Ezinne Dead: How ‘Yahoo Boys’ Killed Young Lady In Ebonyi Hotel Room

I recently wrote about ladies in Lagos Island who have affairs with dogs for money, and I reminded my readers that not all that glitters is gold.

I will continue to preach to my readers that there’s no shortcut to success. You have to take it one step at a time and move with the right people in society. Be patient and learn skills.

Every day, our youths die as a result of their desperation to acquire the fame and fortune that our fathers were unable to obtain overnight.

If you go to Lagos, Abuja, Edo, Ogun, Oyo, Akwa Ibom, and many other states, you will hear stories of how young boys are killing women for money. 

Let us talk about what happened recently at a hotel in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

On Wednesday, May 4 a young lady who is commonly known as Mirabel Ezinne, was found dead at a hotel in Ebonyi with her private parts reportedly missing.

The young lady was believed to have been killed by suspected Yahoo boys, according to many reports.

From the report sighted by MandyNews, she was said to have died on Monday, May 2, 2022, a day after arriving at the hotel with an unidentified young man.

What the report is saying:

  • “Ezinne went to see a guy that invited her to a hotel at Presco Junction, fast forward to the next day, she was found dead in the hotel room. 
  • Her two hands were tied to the back, her legs were also tied and her face was blindfolded.
  • Her private part was cut off.
  • The culprit is nowhere to be found but the police are on the matter.”

The alleged Yahoo boys who ordered Mirabel Ezinne and her friend Bella were seen dancing in the hotel room in a viral video seen and obtained by MandyNews from Facebook.

The two deceased women can be seen having fun on the bed while giggling at the young lads in the footage.

However, the police in the state said they heard that two young ladies were killed in a hotel with their privates removed.

According to the police, the criminals also departed the hotel room without informing the hotel staff after committing the crime.

It was said that used condoms were retrieved from the scene, indicating that they had been [email protected] rped.

The video can be seen here.

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