Oshiomhole Is Dating Omotola Jalade, Report Says

Oshiomhole Is Dating Omotola Jalade, Report Says

Rumour? We hear Adams Oshiomhole is dating Omotola Jalade

What is going with Omotola Jalade and Adams Oshiomhole?

Rumour? Something? Anything? lies? Enemies trying to tarnish her?

The Nollywood star and politician are married, so why? They also have children and both wealthy, we don’t believe.

An Instagram blog known as ‘gistlover’ has called out the wife of Captain Matthew Ekeinde, Actress Omotola Ekeinde for having an affair with the former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

Reacting to the report, Omotola took a screenshot of the allegation to her official Instagram page and lambasted them by urging her followers to report the page because its a false.

“I ordinarily don’t do this but after thinking about it thoroughly and seeking advice I have decided to! So.this Blog ran this story and people started coming to my page. lye is always known there are people who are sick and will tell you stories that have Never happened but to publish that on a platform as big as Instagram? You must be held accountable… I have demanded they finish and prove this story … problem is, this blog is hiding under anonymity!
Can everyone who loves me and what I have stood for all these years pls 1. Report this page 2.Report this page 3. Report this page Thanks.”

Still waiting for the so-called blog to post their proof of their dirty insinuation. You don’t just wake up and randomly write nonsense! You will prove your story and be found.
If you know this blog, demand they finish what they’ve started by presenting their proof… Thanks for all the tags to this story but Next time Osexynationals… pls don’t! I don’t read blogs for a reason. Selah, she said.

Faceless blogger. I hear people pay you to damage ppl’s reputation. You can’t prove your story, Now you’re name dropping other ppl’s names. Dirty people.

If you’re really sure of what you’re saying, put up your proof and put your name behind it. You still have 24hrs”, she added.

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