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Stop Eating Ponmo And Bush Meat: Here’s Why – Nigeria’s Health Alert on Anthrax Disease

why the Nigerian Government is urging citizens to stop eating Ponmo and bush meat amid an Anthrax disease scare. Understand the cause, effects, and preventive measures to stay safe.



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An urgent advisory has gripped the nation, taking us all by surprise. We’re talking about the “national favourite” Ponmo and the adventurous choice, bush meat. The question is, should we refrain from indulging in these delectable local delicacies? Yes, we certainly should, says the Nigerian Government. Let’s dig into the heart of the matter.

The Unseen Danger: Anthrax Disease is Caused By…

Anthrax disease, the looming threat behind this sudden dietary advice, isn’t new to our ears. But what causes it? The culprit is a bacterium known as Bacillus anthracis. Usually dwelling innocuously in the soil, these spores are notorious for their durability and can survive for decades.

Anthrax disease primarily affects animals, especially cattles and wild creatures, yet it can also make the leap to humans, generally through contact with infected animals or by consuming contaminated animal products.

Let’s get this straight: anthrax isn’t contagious among humans. So, you won’t get it from your neighbour who got it from their goat. But if that goat’s meat ended up in your soup, there’s a risk.

Anthrax Disease in Animals: A Trojan Horse for Humans?

It’s easy to see how anthrax disease in animals can become an issue for us humans. Especially in countries like ours where animal-based food sources like Ponmo and bush meat are savoured.

Anthrax is deviously discreet. The symptoms in humans mirror flu-like conditions, such as coughing, fever, and muscle aches. If left unchecked, the disease can escalate to severe lung problems, breathing difficulties, shock, and even death. This makes it essential to catch and treat Anthrax early with antibiotics and supportive therapy.

When the Smoke Clears: Nigeria Government’s Stance

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria took a firm stand on this issue, strongly advising the general public to refrain from eating Ponmo, smoked meat, and bush meat until the situation is brought under control.

Dr. Ernest Umakhihe, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, outlined the severity of the situation in a press release, pointing out the Anthrax outbreak in neighbouring countries like Northern Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Togo.

Better Safe than Sorry: Proactive Measures

Not all is gloom and doom. The government has been proactive, resurrecting the Standing Committee on the Control of Anthrax and initiating nationwide sensitization of State directors of veterinary services.

For border States, the proximity to the affected countries calls for intensified animal vaccinations. But that doesn’t exclude other states from joining in the preventive measure. Vaccines are readily available at the National Veterinary Research Institute in Vom, Plateau State.

Meanwhile, citizens are urged to stay calm and vigilant. Infected dead animals should be disposed of safely, deep in the soil along with any tools used, all of which should be treated with Anthrax-killing chemicals.

In Conclusion: Putting Your Health First

It’s clear that the Ponmo and bush meat on your plate might be harboring more than just flavors. They could be vehicles for a dangerous invader. This is not a time for panic, but for action. Until further notice, it’s best to follow the government’s advisory. After all, what’s a little dietary change for the sake of our health?

So, until the coast is clear, let’s put Ponmo and bush meat on the back burner. After all, the Nigerian culinary world is vast and diverse. There’s always something delicious around the corner.

For more updates, stay tuned to Mandy News, your trusted source of Nigerian news. Stay safe, Nigeria!

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