Vabbing TikTok Trend: Meaning Behind Viral Challenge

Vabbing TikTok Trend: Meaning Behind Viral Challenge

Vabbing TikTok Trend: Meaning Behind Viral Challenge

The keyword “vabbing tiktok trend” is one of the top search terms available right now on Google Trends.

Do you know the reason?

Because a lot of people are curious about the new social media trend that encourages women to fully exploit their bodily fluids as perfume.

What is the trend about?

On the famous Chinese video-sharing app TikTok, we can watch videos of various women using their vaginal secretions as perfume in an effort to get attention from others.

It seems to be a joke, right?

No, it isn’t a joke; it’s completely true. On the platform, the popular videos and keywords have racked up millions of views. Some people have embraced the practice, but many others have called it “immoral.”

How did vabbing start?

When Mandy Lee, @oldloserinbrooklyn, a TikTok user, released a video explaining that the vaping fad was all about giving up your favorite fragrance in favor of your body fluids, the video quickly went viral.

In essence, according to Lee, vagina is the place where female vaginal fluids emit pheromones and dabbing is the practice of wearing those fluids on your neck, chest, and wrists like a perfume to draw in dates.

“I promise that if you vab, you’ll draw in people—like a date or a one-night stand. You might also just enjoy free cocktails all night,” Lee said.

The video quickly gained popularity and had over 2 million views. People were shocked by their behavior and expressed their shock in their own TikTok videos.

In order to demonstrate to viewers that what Lee claimed is accurate, the TikToker @jewlieah proudly displays a variety of presents that men gave her after she used the tactic as evidence that “vabbing” is effective.

The video has now gone viral with more than 3 million views.

what is vabbing on tik tok?

Vabbing is the practice of using vaginal fluids, discharge, or fluid as a perfume by dabbing it on your neck and behind your ears.

vabbing videos

Here are some of the top vabbing videos that are popular on TikTok.


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