23 Wizkid Songs To Listen To When…

23 Wizkid Songs To Listen To When…

23 Wizkid Songs To Listen To When…

Here is our definitive list of Wizkid’s greatest hits. From old-school classics to the best year yet.

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is the greatest afrobeat artist of all time, a great songwriter, record breaker, and, basically, a one-man army.

We’ve compiled a list of 23 of the best Wizkid songs for any Wizkid FC member to listen to in any mood.

When You Need To Listen To Wizkid Songs, Here Are 23 Tracks For Every Feeling.

23 Wizkid Songs To Listen To When
  1. Wizkid’s songs to listen to when You’re feeling unmotivated? Ease your mind
  2. You’re feeling sad? Oluwa loni
  3. You’re feeling powerful ? Final(baba nla)
  4. You’re feeling hyped? Jaiye jaiye
  5. You’re missing someone? Come closer
  6. You’re feeling horny? True love
  7. You’re in the mood? Mood
  8. You’re feeling motivated? Ojuelegba
  9. You feel like twerking? Joro
  10. You feel like fighting? The matter
  11. You’re feeling confident? Reckless
  12. You’re feeling like a boss? Grace
  13. You’re feeling like a bad bitch? Roll it
  14. You’re feeling happy? What you wanna do
  15. You’re feeling heartbroken? Smile
  16. You feel like praising ur mom? Mummy mi
  17. You’re feeling depressed? Bad energy
  18. You feel like dancing? Show you the money.
  19. You’re feeling overwhelmed? Gyrate
  20. You feel like praying? Eledumare
  21. You’re feeling relaxed? No stress
  22. You’re feeling thankful? Thank you
  23. You feel blessed? Blessed
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