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Prayer Point For The Month Of November 2021

Seek the spiritual power of November 2021 with this prayer point for the month of November 2021. You can pray it loudly for yourself, your family, work and church.



prayer point for the month of November 2021

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These prayer points are for the spiritual power of November 2021 you can pray them for yourself, your office and your church.

It’s good to begin the new month with prayers. That is the best way you can be able to take full control of your spiritual life.

By praying the new month prayers, you would be able to cover the month with power and words that will produce grace, peace and happiness for you all the way.

It’s very dangerous to stay without praying every new month. It’s helpful to take the first day of the new month to do a spiritual prayer for the month, to perfect the month before it even begins.

Let’s go into the prayer point and pray wisely for the new month.

Because we want you to pray like Moses and receive God’s blessings like Abraham we have put together these November 2021 prayer points for you.


prayer point for the month of November 2021

Prayer Point For November 2021

Prayer Point For November 2021

1. Pray, ‘Lord I thank you that I am saved from Sin. I declare that sinful habits cannot have dominion over me in Jesus
2. 1 Jn. 1: 9. Pray, ‘Today, I repent of every evil behaviour and by the blood of Jesus, I receive total cleansing and
deliverance from sin.’
3. Psalms 51: 5. Pray, ‘I uproot evil sinful inheritance from my bloodline. I refuse the weakness of my lineage to subdue me!’
4. Pray, ‘Today, I break the hold of every addictive sinful habit from my mind and body. I hate evil & every desire for wrong
doing in Jesus name!’
5. Pray, ‘I take authority over any spirit behind every evil thought, sinful habit and character strongholds in your life; I cast
them out in Jesus name!’
6. Pray, ‘in the name of Jesus, I uproot every agent of iniquity. I cast out everyone positioned in my life to tempt, trip me,
defile me or take me down!’
7. Pray, ‘O Lord, by your wisdom & grace, I escape every snare, temptation, or seduction set up by the devil, in any area of
weakness in my life!’
8. Pray, ‘Father, set a guard at the door or my heart to shield it! Lord, keep my feet from slipping! Lord help me to be holy in
the name of Jesus!’
9. Jer. 17: 9. Pray, ‘I receive a will that is bold in righteousness. I receive a resolute heart. I receive grace to stand pressure,
stress, ridicule, deprivations and every attack on righteousness. I will stand for you, in Jesus name!
10. Pray, ‘Lord, because righteousness exalts, I receive a lifting through holiness! No one living in rebellion to you will go
higher or greater than me! Let my destiny rise in Jesus name!’

1. Zech 9:11. Pray, ‘Lord, I thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ. I thank you that the blood has secured my liberty! I refuse
to be in any bondage anymore!’
2. Pray, ‘In Jesus name, I repent & renounce every person or family iniquity that enables bondage in my life! I receive
cleansing by the blood of Jesus!’
3. Pray, ‘tonight, I renounce and reject every evil covenant of spiritual contamination that sponsors bondage in my life &
family! I annul every demonic contract in Jesus name!’
4. Mk 16:15. Pray, ‘I rebuke & cast out every demon and strange spirit inhabiting any space in my life! I uproot every seed of
the evil one in Jesus name!’
5. Gal. 3: 13- 14. Pray, ‘I lift up the blood against every inherited bondage & ancestral curses from my father & mother’s side.
I reject every evil inheritance in Jesus name!’
6. Pray, ‘I command a turnaround over any problem in my life that is rooted in demonic bondage. I lose my spiritual life,
finances, marriage, business etc. from every spiritual resistance in Jesus name!’
7. Heb 2:15. Pray, ‘I rebuke every evil visitation, nightmares, sudden fear, oppression etc. I deny every foul spirit access into
my life!’
8. Pray, ‘tonight, I release fire & I destroy every altar or spiritual kingdom sponsoring & helping demonic bondage in my life!
The Lord destroy you in Jesus name!’
9. Pray, ‘O Lord, by this consecration, I break out of every spiritual cage and prison house! I cast down every spirit of
limitation speaking over my life in Jesus name! My destiny must rise!
10. Pray, ‘Dear Lord, please reveal to me every doorway by which the devil steals in and out of my life. I command every
such door to be shut in Jesus name! Let your hedge of fire be around my life and family!’

1. Isa 54:17. Pray, ‘Lord, I thank you because my life & destiny is secure in you! I declare that no weapon fashioned against ME shall prosper in Jesus name!’
2. Pray, ‘O Lord, open my eyes & expose every activity & agent of witchcraft in my life! I receive your fiery anointing to judge such in Jesus name!’
3. Pray, ‘tonight, I destroy every strange manipulation going on in my life, family, career etc. I reverse every evil activity & release fire on its sponsors in Jesus name!’
4. Pray, ‘O Lord, turn my life around! Let everything messed up by witchcraft be recovered! Let every desolation, barrenness, delays & denials be reversed!’
5. Ps 91:5-8. Pray, ‘I command every arrow pointed in my direction to go back & destroy the shooter! I command every evil appointed in my future to take hold of whoever set up such appointment in Jesus name!’
6. Pray, ‘I cancel every negative ordinance set up by witchcraft against my life and written upon the earth or the heavens! The earth & heavens will not resist my destiny in Jesus name!’
7. Pray, ‘I release the fire of God against every altar where my name, family, biz or ministry is mentioned for evil! I separate my life from every point of contact set up for my hurt in Jesus name!’
8. Isa 8:10. Pray, ‘tonight, I silence every voice calling for judgment against me, from the sea, graveyard, covens, occult houses, etc. in Jesus name!’
9. Pray, ‘Arise O Lord & destroy every demonic mirror and monitoring gadgets set up against my life & household! I cut off whatever gives the enemy insight into my life & destiny plans in Jesus name!’
10. Pray, ‘My life cannot be exchanged for evil! I recover my destiny! I refuse to live a life assigned by witchcraft! No enemy will determine my destiny in Jesus name!’

1. Pray, ‘Father, I thank you for my redemption from the curse of the law! Tonight, I declare my release from any curses of
life resisting my destiny in Jesus name!’
2. 1 Cor. 15: 56. Pray, ‘By the blood of Jesus, I repent, renounce and reject every sin accusing my destiny and empowering
curses and bondages. Let every evil account be closed in Jesus name!’
3. Pray, ‘tonight, I blot out every evil writing by any ancient covenant or enemies against my destiny! Let such writings in the
sun, moon, stars, sky, land and sea be cancelled by the blood of Jesus!’
4. Pray, ‘Tonight, I reverse every cycle of repeat afflictions, crisis, losses, failures, deaths and destructions in my life and
family. I command a new season of grace!’
5. Gen 49: 3 – 4. Pray, ‘In the name of Jesus, I break every ceiling of limitation placed over my life or family! We will achieve
whatever they said we cannot!’
6. Deut 28:23. Pray, ‘O heavens, you will not be brass to me! O earth, you will not be iron to me! The rain of grace will fall
upon my life continually in Jesus name!’
7. Dan. 4:13- 14. Pray, ‘tonight, I blind every monitoring spirit, watching over my life to enforce evil decrees! I stop their activities in Jesus name!’
8. Pray, ‘O Lord, open my eye to any area of my life being afflicted by subtle curses! I overturn every seemingly natural occurrence that is engineered by curses, in Jesus name!’
9. Pray, ‘I take authority over every manipulation of my thinking, appetite, decisions & habits by subtle curses working to hurt my destiny. I escape such snares of death in Jesus name!’
10. Pray, ‘O earth, I command you to yield a harvest of curses on anyone cursing my destiny. Give them a hundredfold harvest of their seed in Jesus name!’


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