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English Transcript Of Putin’s Speech On Wagner Group’s Failed Coup

Read the English transcript of President Putin’s impassioned speech on the failed Wagner Group coup. The Russian leader addresses the nation, offering unity and resistance in the face of turmoil.



English Transcript Of Putin's Speech On Wagner Group's Failed Coup

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has given an impassioned speech addressing the failed coup by the Wagner Group, a private military company. The foiled coup has shaken the nation, but Putin’s message was one of unity and resistance. The full English transcript of his speech follows.

“From the very beginning of the events, the most necessary decisions were immediately taken to neutralize the threat that had arisen, to protect the constitutional order, the life and security of our citizens. An armed rebellion would have been suppressed in any case,” Putin stated firmly in his address.

Notably, Putin suggested a path of redemption for the Wagner fighters, offering them an opportunity to serve Russia by signing a contract with the Ministry of Defense or other law enforcement agencies.

“I thank those soldiers and commanders of the Wagner group who made the only right decision – they did not commit fratricidal bloodshed, they stopped at the last line…Today you have the opportunity to continue serving Russia by signing a contract with the Ministry of Defense or other law enforcement agencies, or return to their relatives and friends. Whoever wants to can go to Belarus. The promise I made will be fulfilled,” Putin declared.

In his speech, Putin also expressed gratitude to the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, for his efforts and contribution to the peaceful resolution of the situation. Putin’s thankfulness was not limited to international support; he extended it to his countrymen as well, expressing his gratitude for their unity and patriotism.

“It was the patriotic mood of the citizens, the consolidation of the entire Russian society that played a decisive role these days. This support allowed us to overcome the most difficult trials for our Motherland together. Thank you for this. Thank you,” Putin said during his address.

The attempted coup happened against a backdrop of bold statements by Yevgeny Prigozhin, with claims of inflicted missile and bomb attacks on the camps of PMC “Wagner” – a scenario refuted by both the Ministry of Defense and the FSB. A criminal case was opened against Prigozhin for organizing an armed rebellion.

Later, Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, in agreement with Putin, held talks with Prigozhin. The talks led to a de-escalation agreement in which the head of the PMC committed to halting the Wagner movement in Russia.

In conclusion, Putin highlighted the bravery of those who had resisted the coup.

“The courage and self-sacrifice of the fallen heroes-pilots saved Russia from tragic, devastating consequences,” Putin solemnly affirmed.

Despite the turmoil, Putin’s message was clear: unity and resistance in the face of threats, both domestic and external, will ultimately triumph.

“This civic solidarity has shown that any blackmail, an attempt to create internal unrest is doomed to failure,” he concluded.

Visit the link to watch the full video of Putin’s speech.

Putin’s Speech On Wagner Group


Today, I am addressing the citizens of Russia once again. Thank you for your restraint, cohesion and patriotism. This civic solidarity shows that any blackmail, any attempt to stage domestic turmoil is doomed to fail.

I will repeat – society and the executive and legislative branches of government at all levels displayed high consolidation. Public organisations, religious denominations, the leading political parties and actually all of Russian society held a firm line, taking an explicit position of supporting constitutional order. The main thing – responsibility for the destiny of the Fatherland – has united everyone, brought our people together.

I will emphasise that all necessary decisions to neutralise the emerged threat and protect the constitutional system, the life and security of our citizens were made instantly, from the very beginning of the events.

An armed mutiny would have been suppressed in any event. Mutiny plotters, despite the loss of adequacy, were bound to realise that. They understood everything, including the fact that their actions were criminal in nature, aimed at polarising people and weakening the country, which is currently countering an enormous external threat and unprecedented pressure from the outside. They did this at a time when our comrades are dying on the frontline with the words “Not a step back!”

However, having betrayed their country and their people, the leaders of this mutiny also betrayed those whom they drew into their crime. They lied to them, pushed them to their death, putting them under attack, forcing them to shoot their people.

It was exactly this outcome, fratricide, that the enemies of Russia – the neo-Nazis in Kiev, their Western patrons and other national traitors – wanted to see. They wanted Russian soldiers to kill each other; they wanted the military and civilians to die; they wanted Russia to lose eventually, and our society to break up and perish in a bloody feud.

They were rubbing their hands together and dreaming of revenge for their failures at the frontline and in the course of the so-called counteroffensive, but they miscalculated.”

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