Zamfara Government Tells Citizens To Arm Themselves

Zamfara Government Tells Citizens To Arm Themselves

Zamfara Government Tells Citizens To Arm Themselves

In order to defend themselves against bandits and kidnappers, the Zamfara state government in northwest Nigeria has granted all residents the right to own guns.

Ibrahim Magaji Dosara, the state’s information commissioner, told reporters on Saturday that the government has reacted to a wave of terrorist and bandit attacks.

A few months after the neighboring state of Katsina ordered its citizens to acquire firearms in order to defend themselves from assailants, the authorities of Zamfara also took action.

  • Terrorist attacks are a matter of concern to the people and the state government.
  • Therefore, to address this problem as a whole in our areas, the government has no choice but to take measures that include giving to the people.
  • The ability to plan and own firearms to protect themselves from pirates, ”the statement said

She continued by saying that the government had given the police chief instructions to let all eligible individuals who require a firearm to possess one for their personal security.

According to the Zamfara State government, it will lead the charge in making it easy for citizens to hold firearms, particularly “farmers to get weapons to defend themselves.”

  • “The government has already finalized the distribution of 500 forms to 19 emirates in the state to provide for people in need of firearms to protect themselves,” the statement said.

Due to bandit and kidnapping attacks, Zamfara State is among the least safe states in Nigeria.

Thousands of people have been driven from their homes as a result of these attacks and hundreds have died.

The attacks continue despite repeated promises from the state and federal governments to put an end to them.

The attacks and insecurity in the area are allegedly caused by the gold mining in the area, according to a number of unverified tweets on Twitter.

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