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Nigeria Reclaims $150 Million In Abacha Loot From France; What We Know



Nigeria Reclaims $150 Million In Abacha Loot From France; What We Know

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Nigeria is set to receive $150 million, part of the funds embezzled by the late General Sani Abacha. This announcement was made by Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, following discussions with Catherine Colonna, the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Tinubu Lauds France’s Decision

President Bola Tinubu expressed his gratitude towards France for this gesture, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on Nigeria’s development. “We appreciate your effective cooperation concerning the return of Nigeria’s money. It will be judiciously applied in attaining our development objectives,” Tinubu stated.

The Abacha Loot Saga Continues

Since General Abacha’s death in 1998, Nigeria has been on a quest to recover the funds he secreted away. This latest repatriation from France adds to the hundreds of millions already returned from other countries.

Abacha Loot History

The “Abacha loot” refers to money stolen from the treasury of Nigeria by its former military ruler, General Sani Abacha, and his associates. Sani Abacha ruled Nigeria from 1993 until his death in 1998. It is believed that during his rule, he and his collaborators looted billions of dollars from the country’s coffers.

Here is a brief history of the Abacha loot and its recovery:

1993-1998: The Looting

  • Regime Control: When General Sani Abacha seized power in a military coup in 1993, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and a major oil producer, was subjected to a kleptocratic regime that systematically plundered the national wealth.
  • Method of Looting: Abacha and his circle reportedly embezzled funds directly from the Central Bank of Nigeria through a series of fake funding requests for national security projects. The money was then laundered through a complex network of banks and businesses across the world.

1998: Abacha’s Death

List of Abacha Loot Recovered

The recovery of funds embezzled by General Sani Abacha has been ongoing since his death in 1998. Below is a list of significant recoveries made over the years, showcasing the global effort to return these assets to Nigeria.

Recoveries from Various Countries


  • 2005: Switzerland returned about $500 million following a mutual legal assistance treaty.
  • 2017: An additional $321 million was repatriated after being confiscated from the family of Abacha.


United States

United Kingdom


  • 2014: Liechtenstein returned $227 million after a decade-long legal battle.


  • 2021: Luxembourg ordered the return of $115 million stashed in an account linked to Abacha.

Bailiwick of Guernsey

  • 2021: The Bailiwick of Guernsey returned $36.6 million to Nigeria.


  • 2023: France announced its intention to repatriate $150 million.

The Total Picture

The amounts listed above are some of the significant recoveries and do not represent the total sum of the Abacha loot. Estimates suggest that the total amount looted could be up to $5 billion, with efforts to recover the remaining funds ongoing.

Abacha Loot Disbursement

The disbursement of the Abacha loot, once recovered from various foreign jurisdictions, has been a subject of significant attention and some controversy. Efforts to allocate the returned funds have evolved over time, with an increasing focus on transparency and accountability. Here is an overview of how some of the recovered Abacha loot has been managed and disbursed:

Early Efforts

In the early years of recovery, the returned funds were integrated into the Nigerian government’s national budget. However, there were few mechanisms in place to track the specific utilization of these funds, leading to concerns that some of the money was being re-embezzled or mismanaged.

Later Developments

As more funds were repatriated, there was a growing demand from civil society groups, international organizations, and the Nigerian public for greater transparency in the disbursement of the recovered loot. This led to some notable developments:

  1. Targeted Expenditure: In certain cases, agreements between Nigeria and the returning countries stipulated that the funds be used for specific developmental projects. For example, infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and hospitals were often cited as priority areas for the allocation of these funds.
  2. Conditional Returns: Some of the countries returning the looted money did so on the condition that the funds would be used in a manner that would benefit the Nigerian populace, particularly the less privileged sectors of society. This was to ensure that the money would not end up back in the pockets of corrupt individuals.
  3. Involvement of International Agencies: To ensure compliance with these conditions, international agencies such as the World Bank have sometimes been involved in monitoring the use of the returned funds. These agencies help to oversee and audit the expenditures, providing an additional layer of oversight.
  4. Social Investment Programs: In recent disbursements, the Nigerian government has directed some of the funds towards social investment programs intended to assist the poorest segments of the population. This includes conditional cash transfer programs designed to alleviate poverty.
  5. Direct Cash Transfers: In certain instances, the Nigerian government has used the recovered funds to implement direct cash transfer programs to the poorest families, aiming to improve their living conditions and stimulate economic growth at the community level.
  6. Public Communication: Efforts have been made to communicate to the Nigerian public how the returned funds are being used. This is intended to foster a sense of accountability and to reassure the populace that the funds are being managed responsibly.

Challenges and Criticisms

Current Status

As of 2023, the disbursement of the Abacha loot remains a matter of public interest and governance. The Nigerian government, often in partnership with international bodies, continues to refine the processes by which these funds are allocated, aiming to ensure that they are used effectively and to the benefit of the Nigerian people.

Abacha Loot Shared

The recovered Abacha loot is expected to be used to fund various development projects in Nigeria, including infrastructure, education, and healthcare. The Nigerian government has also pledged to use the funds to support its efforts to combat corruption and promote good governance. The return of the $150 million from France is a significant boost to the Nigerian government’s efforts to achieve its development objectives.

Countries that have returned Abacha loot to Nigeria

CountryAmount Recovered
Switzerland$700 million
United States$480 million
United Kingdom$85 million
France$150 million

Strengthening Nigeria-France Relations

Beyond the loot recovery, President Tinubu also acknowledged a €100 million agreement with France to support Nigeria’s i-DICE program, aimed at boosting the ICT and Creative Arts Industries. This reflects the deepening economic and political cooperation between the two nations.

A Commitment to Justice

The French Minister affirmed the completion of all legal processes necessary for the repatriation, marking it as a victory for justice. “It was a long process, but we are glad that it was concluded,” she remarked.

International Efforts Bearing Fruit

Earlier in May 2022, the UK returned $23 million of Abacha’s loot, and the US followed suit with a $20 million repatriation. These actions represent the global commitment to returning stolen assets to their rightful owners.

Looking Ahead

With the funds soon to be in Nigeria’s possession, the focus now turns to their allocation. President Tinubu has assured that the repatriated money will be used to further national development, with the world watching to ensure that the promise is kept.

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