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CSP Patrick Agbazue: Anambra’s Alleged Serial Killer Cop — The Full Story

Gistlover unveils alleged atrocities of CSP Patrick Agbazue, Anambra’s serial killer cop, including kidnapping, torture, and murder.



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Gistlover, an anonymous blogger known for investigating and exposing illicit activities in Nigerian society, has published a story on CSP Patrick Agbazue, a senior police officer in Anambra who has been accused of crimes such as kidnapping, torture, and murder.

These allegations are not only shocking but also raise concerns about the credibility of the Nigerian police force, especially following the #EndSARS protests. Despite the protests and the outcry for police reform, the force continues to be plagued by reports of misconduct and brutality, as exemplified in this disturbing story.

CSP Patrick Agbazue
CSP Patrick Agbazue

The Full Story

In the wake of the 2020 Endsars protests, the Nigerian Police Force has continued to face public scrutiny, with several citizens coming forward with stories of abuse, extortion, and even murder at the hands of officers. Despite promises of reform and efforts to improve the image of the force, recent events have cast doubt on the progress made so far.

The latest story to come to light is the alleged activities of CSP Patrick Agbazue, an Anambra-based police officer who is being accused of being a serial killer. Investigative blogger Gistlover has published a detailed report on the alleged atrocities committed by Agbazue and his team of officers, which include intimidation, extortion, maiming, kidnapping, and murder.

Gistlover’s report highlights the shocking nature of the alleged crimes, with victims reportedly being killed for fun and their bodies being deposited in a private morgue. The report also notes that there have been several cases of missing persons in Anambra that are suspected to be linked to Agbazue and his team of officers.

The blogger’s report goes on to explain that Agbazue and his team are reportedly worse than their infamous predecessor, James Nwafor, who was accused of similar crimes during his tenure as head of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Anambra. Gistlover has called on the authorities to take action and investigate the allegations, urging members of the public to speak out and put pressure on the police to act.

The situation has left many Nigerians feeling disillusioned and frustrated, with some questioning whether the police force will ever be able to shed its negative reputation. The country has a long history of police brutality and corruption, and many feel that more needs to be done to address the root causes of these issues.

While the allegations against Agbazue are yet to be proven in a court of law, the fact that they have been made in the first place is concerning. It is important that all allegations of police misconduct are investigated thoroughly and that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. The police have a duty to protect and serve the public, and it is vital that they uphold their responsibilities with integrity and respect for the law.

The Second Part Of The Story

The relentless pursuit of justice continues as Gistlovers recently revealed shocking details in the ongoing case of alleged serial killer cop, CSP Patrick Agbazue from Anambra state. The anonymous blogger did not hold back as they exposed the disturbing reality of Agbazue’s horrific actions, including the kidnap, torture, and murder of his victims.

In the most recent update, Gistlover shared a heart-wrenching story of two young siblings who were allegedly tortured and killed by Agbazue. The details of the atrocities committed are enough to make anyone’s blood run cold. According to the blogger, Agbazue has been identified as the SARS commander in Anambra state and is responsible for most of the kidnap cases, extortion, and organ harvesting that has been happening in the state.

Gistlover provided more information on the alleged activities of Agbazue and his team, which include Inspector Harrison Akama, who is said to be Patrick’s hitman and is now married to SPO Princess. The blogger called on the Nigeria Police Force to investigate their actions and look into the cases of people who were arrested and never returned. The victims allegedly met their untimely demise at the hands of Agbazue and Akama, who were both accused of forming a deadly squad to carry out their heinous acts.

The blogger gave a detailed account of how Agbazue and his team operate. Once they set their sights on a target, there is a high possibility that the person may never return home alive. There are two categories of people targeted: those with enough money in their accounts and vehicles to steal, and those with nothing. Agbazue is said to have a habit of taking his victims to a room where he tortures them and forces them to confess to crimes they did not commit. Afterward, he and Akama allegedly kill and harvest their organs. Shockingly, all the vehicles Agbazue is said to own were taken from the suspects he arrested and allegedly murdered in cold blood.

The blogger went on to state that the CSP has multiple bank accounts and choice properties scattered all over Nigeria, which raises questions about how he amassed such wealth on his income of just over 200k a month. Gistlover revealed that the New World Mortuary Nteje is where most of the bodies Agbazue allegedly killed are deposited, with the help of a Hausa guy named Sanni, who performs illegal activities on their behalf. The blogger claimed that the number of illegal killings was so high that they were unable to deposit the bodies in a teaching hospital and instead opted for a private morgue.

Finally, Gistlover shared videos and screenshots of the siblings who were unjustly tortured, with one already reportedly dead. The blogger revealed that one of the videos showed Agbazue entering the police station in the same clothes and shoes he allegedly used to torture the siblings, which could potentially be damning evidence in the case. The blogger urged people to tag the Nigeria Police Force en masse and bring Agbazue to justice for his alleged crimes.

Unfortunately, we are unable to publish the images and videos here in accordance with our editorial guidelines.

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