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Ghost Of Kyiv Fake Or Real? Explained

Do you want to know if the ghost of Kyiv is fake or real?



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Do you want to know if the ghost of Kyiv is fake or real?

Read the complete article about the Ghost of Kyiv who shot down six Russian fighter jets HERE.

What Is ghost of Kyiv?

Throughout the conflict in Ukraine, there is one Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet that is soaring through the skies of Kyiv.

This single fighter jet has already earned itself an alias, the “Ghost of Kyiv,” and according to multiple reports, it has already downed SIX Russian aircraft. 

Some people believe the “Ghost of Kyiv” is propaganda by the Ukrainian media. 

While many people are praising the jet fighter and praying for the pilot, others are searching the internet for answers regarding whether the “ghost of Kiev” is fake or real.

Is Ukraine Ghost of Kyiv real or fake?

So far, there has been no official confirmation that such an incredible pilot as this ghost of Kiev could really exist.

Ghost of Kiev has been credited with shooting down at least six Russian fighters in a single day, and among them were some of Russia’s most capable and advanced platforms.

According to these unconfirmed reports, this single Ukrainian mig-29 has shot down one su-27, two su-25s, and two su-35 flanker e’s now.

In some ways, the su-25 frogfoots are considered fighters, but they’re not really designed for air-to-air combat.

In some ways, it might be better to compare these to America’s own a-10 thunderbolt 2, which, as we’ve discussed in the past, can fight in the sky, but really only as a last resort.

However, the su-27 flankers are super maneuverable fighters designed specifically to compete with the likes of America’s best cold war jet platforms like the f-14 Tomcat and f-15 eagle, The su-35 is an updated version of the su-27 that was made even more capable in the sky in the past.

Some have argued that the su-35 could even be a match for America’s f-22 as long as they were within visual range.

Of course, that’s an assertion that’ll probably never be tested because an f-22 would almost certainly shoot down a su-35 before the Russians even knew he was there.’s a twin-engine fighter that was originally designed specifically for an air-to-air combat role before incorporating some multi-role capabilities.

A bit further down the road in 2019, it was reported that Ukraine maintains a fleet of about 37 mig-29s.

These fighters are about 57 feet long with a wingspan of just over 37 feet.

They’re powered by a pair of rd-33 after-burning turbofan engines that can each produce a whopping 18 340 pounds of thrust under afterburner.

That makes this 9g rated fighter capable of speeds as high as mach 2.25 As unlikely as this cave ghost may be, there are some rays of hope that there may be some truth to the rumors.

At first glance, the most striking evidence you’re likely to come across was actually shared by the Ukrainian armed forces on Twitter, and it’s a video that looks an awful lot like a ukrainian mig-29 downing a russian fighter, seemingly either a su-27 or a su-35 from the distance in the video.

The mig-29 can carry a total of six air-to-air weapons like Ukraine’s r27r and r27t, both medium-range air-to-air weapons, and the r-73 short-range weapon, but even with this loadout, it would be incredibly difficult for a single mig-29 to score six kills with six missiles in a single sortie.

So for the ghost of Kiev to be real, the pilot would likely have to fly multiple sorties in a single day, quickly rearming between each.

This isn’t impossible, but it is really tough. Another factor working against Kiev’s ghost is the fact that these mig-29s are effectively very similar to the mig-29s operated by Russian pilots, which means that most of these Russian pilots have squared off against f-16s in training.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter whether a single pilot shot down six Russian fighters yesterday or six different Ukrainian pilots each shot down one.

What do you think about the ghost of Kyiv?

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