Tinubu Says He Won’t Retire Until He Becomes Nigeria’s President

Tinubu Says He Won't Retire Until He Becomes Nigeria's President

Tinubu Says He Won’t Retire Until He Becomes Nigeria’s President

LAGOS — Former governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu said he will not get tired until he becomes the President of Nigeria.

The APC presidential hopeful for 2023 stated that he is aware of his age, but that he will not retire until he leads Africa’s most populous country.

Tinubu made the statement while speaking to the ruling party’s state delegates in Benue State.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Bola Ahmed Tinubu

“We are of age; we can retire soon but I am not going to retire until I become President,” the Jagaban of Lagos told APC delegates in Markudi.

In the report, which was sighted by MandyNews on Punch News, Mr. Tinubu borrowed from Buhari’s 2015 campaign promises.

Tinubu stated that if elected president of Nigeria, he will transform the country from its current state into a better one.

He promised to eradicate corruption and the country’s economic uncertainty.

“I will govern with all my strength, we will work with you to reverse the trend of corruption,  there are elements of division but our commitment to Nigeria is for peaceful coexistence to build up and demonstrate unity and live together in peace and harmony,” The 70-year-old legendary politician added.

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