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Watch: Kanye West Exposes Cardi B And Atlantic Records In Explosive Leaked Video



Watch: Kanye West Exposes Cardi B And Atlantic Records In Explosive Leaked Video

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Can’t write her raps, a member of the Illuminati, and replaced Nicki Minaj: Kanye West lashes out at Cardi B. The Yeezy designer isn’t holding back anything in a recently surfaced video, exposing the Bodak Yellow rapper and Atlantic Records for what he claims are shady practices in the music industry.

Key Takeaways

Leaked VideoA video snippet from an alleged documentary features Kanye West calling out Cardi B and Atlantic Records.
ClaimsKanye alleges Cardi B is a “plant by the Illuminati” and doesn’t write her own raps, insinuating a scheme to replace Nicki Minaj.
ReactionsCardi B responds with a clip of Kanye praising her in the past, showcasing the dichotomy of public opinion.
ImpactThe video stirs controversy and discussions around artist authenticity and record label politics.

Take a glimpse into the eccentric mind of Kanye West as he unveils what he believes are manipulative tactics employed by Atlantic Records, with Cardi B as a puppet in the grand scheme. With his claims echoing around, fans and foes are left bewildered, dissecting every bit of the leaked footage.

The Leaked Rant: The Illuminati Plant?

In the leaked video, our very own Ye dives headfirst into a rant against Cardi B, condemning her for not penning her own verses and labeling her as an Illuminati plant orchestrated to usurp Nicki Minaj’s throne. The video, speculated to be a snippet from an upcoming documentary, has sent shockwaves through the social spheres, further enkindling the fiery debate on artist authenticity.

Top Claims by Kanye West:

  • Cardi B is a “plant by the Illuminati”
  • Cardi B doesn’t write her raps
  • Cardi B was brought in to replace Nicki Minaj

Kanye’s words: “She doesn’t write her raps. She’s just there to sound as ignorant as possible. She’s literally replaced Nicki Minaj purposely… She thinks it’s a blessing from the universe, it ain’t no f***** blessing.”

The Atlantic Records Scheme?

Not only does Kanye target Cardi, but he also throws shade at Atlantic Records, insinuating a murky agenda behind the scenes. His disdain for record labels isn’t a newfound revelation, as reflected in his past grievances with Universal Music Group, which he openly shared on the platform now known as X (formerly Twitter).

Kanye’s words: “The _____ I’m doing giving to f________ Teyana. What the f________ I’m doing giving the DAYTONA album to Pusha? The s_______ was three Dark Fantasies that I gave aways. Cops Shot the Kid, Nas rapping all God damn offbeat on it, doesn’t even wanna shoot a video, then shoot the video, doesn’t even tell me. These m_____f_______ don’t appreciate me. All these m______f______ is trynna use me.”

Cardi’s Clapback: A Past Praise

In the aftermath, Cardi B didn’t shy away from clapping back. She hit back by sharing a snippet of Kanye praising her in the past, illuminating the capricious nature of public figures and their endorsements.

DateStatementPastKanye: “I’ve always believed in her since she was on the show.” (Referring to Love & Hip-Hop: New York)PresentCardi’s reaction showcases the fickleness and perhaps the strategy behind public statements.

Kanye’s Drama Diary: A Look Back

Kanye is no newbie to the controversy carnival. From his “I’ma let you finish” moment with Taylor Swift to his off-key “slavery was a choice” remark, Kanye’s drama diary is a saga of its own.

Here are some pages from Kanye’s drama diary:

  1. The Taylor Swift Saga: Kanye’s infamous interruption at the 2009 MTV VMA, oh the audacity!
  2. The “Slavery Was A Choice” Misstep: Kanye’s TMZ meltdown that left everyone gagged.
  3. Trump Love: Kanye’s MAGA moment that had fans saying “Yeezus!”

Oh, the spectacle that is Kanye West! This recent shade-fest with Cardi B and Atlantic Records is just another chapter in Kanye’s drama diary, and we are here for it! The leaked doc snippet has left us all perched on the edge of our seats, hungry for the next serving of drama. It’s a never-ending Kanye saga that keeps the gossip mills churning and the Twitterverse ablaze.

Will Kanye and Cardi kiss and make up, or is this the start of a new feud chapter?

Stay tuned to MandyNews for more beats from the street of music’s elite, and delve deeper into the dynamics of music industry intricacies.

The saga continues, and the notes of narrative are yet to reach their final fermata.

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